When is the best time to enjoy Oktoberfest?

You’d have the best time at Oktoberfest if you know when to exactly visit. Being with over 6 million people from all over the world can easily be overwhelming so it’s best to know the perfect periods (days and even hours) for different kinds of Oktoberfest activities. Consider yourself lucky as we have the ultimate Oktoberfest activity barometer for you. By referring to our Oktoberfest barometer, you’d know which day (and time!) to pick for all your holiday needs and activities. You’d easily know when a day is best for relaxing or optimum for partying. Enjoy!

Particular Periods

There are special periods of note that you should be aware of and they are as follows:

  • Italian Weekend
  • Family Days
  • October 3rd

Italian Weekend

This period refers to the weekend in the middle or the second weekend in Oktoberfest. “Italian Weekend” is jam-packed with people and activities. It all the more gets haywire when it rains for tents get overwhelmed with people. This period got its name for this is the very weekend preferred by Italians. By the second weekend, you’d be amazed at the number of camper vans with Italians all over the place. Oktoberfest is heavily promoted in Italy and Italians dedicate their holidays to it. 

Family Days

If you’d be enjoying Oktoberfest with your whole family, then you need to be aware of family days. Family days are fun because they’re more enjoyable for kids and the whole family. Family Days are during the two Tuesdays of Oktoberfest. During such days, there will be lesser tents and more stalls. There will also be more rides that kids can enjoy. If you want to be pretty relaxed and laid-back, it’s best to explore during the morning as it can get pretty busy in the afternoon.

October 3rd 

October 3rd is the core Wiesn public holiday. It is German Unity Day and people are simply ready to party! The massive amount of visitors will depend on which day it falls. You better be ready for a crowd if the day following October 3rd will fall on a Friday! Visit Thirsty Swagman to know more about fun October 3rd activities!

Busy Days

If you’re after partying and merry-making for days, then you should be aware of Oktoberfest’s busy days. They are as follows:

  • The first Saturday night of the fest is always loud and wild. It is one of the fest’s busiest hours. It will be busy all day during this first day of Oktoberfest.
  • Oktoberfest’s first weekend will be busy all day. This is not the time to pick if you want a relaxing weekend. This weekend is dedicated to partying and drinking!
  • Friday and Saturday nights of the second week of Oktoberfest are packed with so many people. Sunday is well attended but it won’t be as loud as the two nights before. People will party and be active all Saturday!
  • The last Saturday of Oktoberfest is also its busiest. The crowd will be big even in the morning. It is the festival’s last Saturday hurrah so expect things to be really fun and wild!

Busiest Hours

The busiest hours of Oktoberfest are from 6 pm onwards on all its Saturdays. If you want all the action and fun, you should simply visit Oktoberfest on a Saturday. You’d have so much company, beer, food, and fun! You’d be the one to give up on your options for food, tents, and beers. You’d be up for a wild fun ride!

Chill Days

If you’re after chill days during Oktoberfest and you simply want to enjoy good beer and good food on quiet afternoons or check out different rides with your kids, then you should take note of the following days:

  • All Monday mornings of Oktoberfest are perfect for relaxing and just taking things slow. People are just recovering from the weekend’s merry-making so you’d be sure that there’d be lesser crowds on the street. 
  • All Oktoberfest Tuesday mornings are also pretty chill. This is why such two Tuesdays are referred to as Family Days. You need to be careful though as crowds start to build up in the afternoon during Family Days. Best to wake up early and explore if you don’t want a busy afternoon.
  • You can also rely on the chill vibe of Wednesday mornings during Oktoberfest.
  • All mornings of the first week (except the weekend, of course) of Oktoberfest is pretty chill. If you’d be going with your whole family, you’d enjoy five straight days of quiet mornings perfect for food crawls and different rides.

PRO TIP: If you want an accurate guide on how busy Oktoberfest is, you should download’s free app. The app will enlist all available tents and will tell you how full each tent is.  Given that you’d be with over 6 million people, the app will be pretty handy! Getting a table can be pretty tricky if you don’t know your way around! 


Just always remember that if you want to enjoy the most action, you should always opt for Saturday nights. If you want to chill and relax, just opt for mornings during Mondays and Tuesdays. Knowing how busy Oktoberfest is will help you plan all your activities. If you want a well-attended night but without the common wild frenzy, All Oktoberfest Sundays will be perfect for you. 

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