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You Need These Skull-Shaped Logs for Your Halloween Bonfire

Those viral skull logs that took over the internet a few Halloweens back are back and more bone-chilling than ever. Following the popularity of the fireproof logs, even more stores have started to carry the creepy decor — so get ready for those chilly fall nights to be spookier than ever.

The human skull-shaped logs are among the scariest home décor you can get. Whether you fill your fire pit with the eerie logs or just sneak one in to alarm unsuspecting guests, they’re sure to make an impact. When the log is placed just right and you ignite the fire pit, it appears that the flames are blazing out of the eyes.

Ceramic Fireproof Fire Pit Skull Log

We first stumbled upon the terrifying human skull-shaped logs on Amazon while scouring stores for the creepiest decorations a few years ago — and we honestly don’t know how we ever entertained on October 31st without them.

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Made with refractory material like that found in faux fireplace logs, the spooky stoneware skulls are fireproof and lightweight. That means you can place them directly in your fire pit or fireplace and watch the flames fill the mouths and eye sockets (eek!) for an eerie effect.

“I’ve had this skull in my fire pit for two years now and it looks better and better [every time] we have a fire. It’s a great conversation piece,” one buyer wrote. “With the flames coming out of [its] mouth, this skeleton head was a big hit on Halloween in our gas fireplace,” wrote another.

skull log

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Since the skull logs have become so popular, they’re available at a variety of retailers, including Amazon. You can shop a range of colors and styles for around $49.95 each. That sounds pretty pricy for one log, but keep in mind that each one is the size of a real human skull and weighs about 10 to 18 pounds, so they’re built to make it through many fall nights.

But there are other retailers that sell the skulls at a more economical price. Walmart for example also carries ceramic skulls, priced at $30 each. If that still sounds like a lot, know that refractory ceramic logs can last for many years — so it’s really a small price to pay for such a creepy conversation-starter.

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