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13 Best Baby Yoda Costumes 2021


Fans of The Mandalorian are still waiting in limbo for information about a release date for season 3. (When, Disney+, when?!) But that doesn’t mean that love for Baby Yoda has abated. In fact, in the interim, it’s only gotten stronger.

As another Mandalorian-less Halloween rolls around, it’s likely that your little one is going to want to dress in a Baby Yoda Halloween costume for trick or treating. (And yes, we know his name isn’t really Baby Yoda, and it never was. He’s Grogu, aka The Child, but Baby Yoda still has the nicest ring to it.) Maybe they’ll want to dress as Grogu as part of a Disney family costume, since all you have to do is add a Din Djarin or an Ahsoka Tano and your group is good to go. Or, they could be rolling solo in their hover pram. But no matter how big their crew, people are certainly apt to marvel about how cute they are — and dole out lots of candy, which in our book is a better thing to snack on than a Sorgan frog.

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Easy Baby Yoda Costume for Toddlers

Toddler Baby Yoda Costume



This costume is deceptively simple: It’s just a tunic with attached hand covers, plus the hat. It’s an easy toddler costume to wear, though it does come in both infant and toddler sizes. 

Adult Baby Yoda Hood



There’s no age limit on Baby Yoda costumes. With this easy hood, fans of all sizes can get in on the fun. Pair it with a long tan cardigan to complete the look. 

Fun Baby Yoda Costume for Infants

Infant Baby Yoda Costume



Baby Yoda Costume With Hoverpram



This costume comes complete with a structured-hoop hover pram to make it look like your toddler is floating from house to house. The two-piece set comes with pram and bodysuit, but you have to add your own pants and footwear.

Adult Baby Yoda Costume



Baby Yoda Pilot Cap

Hanna Andersson


For an easy-on, easy-off costume, all you need to do is pair this hat with some brown clothes. (Or perhaps some Grogu PJs?)

Cute Baby Yoda Costume for Newborns

Crochet Baby Yoda Costume



Perfect for photoshoots or naptime, this newborn Yoda costume is possibly the cutest thing we’ve ever seen. You can buy just the hat, or the complete outfit.

Baby Yoda Dress



If your little one prefers dresses to pants, try this Baby Yoda dress robe. (The ears are sold separately.)

Hoodie Baby Yoda Costume

For a non-costume costume you can always just get this hoodie and call it a day. It’s available in sizes up to 24M, and it also comes in a puffer coat.

Toddler Yoda Costume

Princess Paradise


Okay, this is a classic (aka Old) Yoda costume, but we can’t get enough of these oversized booties and ears. The accessories are strong with this one.  

Baby Yoda Face Mask

And no Halloween outfit would be complete without a Baby Yoda face mask. Look at him holding that pumpkin! It’ll immediately get everyone in the Halloween spirit.

Baby Yoda Dog Ears

Your pup can dress like Baby Yoda too. To get Fido in on the fun, simply gift him a set of these adorable ears. 

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