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15 Easy Cranberry Dessert Ideas

Sorry apple pie, but we’re on a cranberry kick this fall. We all know that cranberry sauce is synonymous with Thanksgiving, but we dare you to think outside the can this fall with these delicious cranberry desserts. Sure, cranberry compote pairs perfectly with Thanksgiving turkey (and stuffing recipes!). And there’s nothing quite like a smear of cranberry sauce on a leftover Thanksgiving turkey sandwich. But this holiday season, grab yourself a bag of frozen or even dried cranberries, because these picks are where the ruby-red fruits really shine.

Whether you’re looking for fresh or frozen cranberry recipes, ways to use up leftover cranberry sauce, or even want to use dried cranberries, we’ve got it all. From the requisite cranberry pie (mixed with apples, pears, raspberries — take your pick!) to cookies, cake, cheesecake and even dessert bars, there are so many ways to use the sweet-tart berries. Ever tried cranberry purée swirled into creamy cheesecake or fresh cranberries sweetened and used to fill a buttery, biscuit-topped cobbler? You can even put frozen ones straight into your baked goods and they’ll emerge from the oven warm, plump and juicy. Best of all, cranberry health benefits are practically endless—they have loads of antioxidants (including vitamins A and E) and are a good source of vitamin C. So … these desserts are practically healthy, right?

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