18 Best Souvenirs From Malaysia: What to Buy in Malaysia

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If you’re planning a trip to Malaysia, don’t forget to bring home some unique souvenirs for yourself and loved ones. Malaysian souvenirs offer a fascinating range of items, such as colorful batik textiles that showcase the country’s flair for design. Pewter crafts also make wonderful keepsakes, with various trinkets, tableware, and home décor pieces available. For the food enthusiasts, picking up some aromatic local spices, teas, and coffees is a must, along with sampling the rare fruits and sweet treats. To truly appreciate the Malaysian culture, consider purchasing hand-carved wooden masks, pottery, and traditional musical instruments. These souvenirs will not only remind you of your memorable journey to Malaysia but also serve as conversation starters.

Best Malaysia Souvenirs


Batik is a treasured Malaysian textile art that showcases the country’s vibrant cultural heritage. Through a delicate process of wax-resist dyeing, intricate patterns come to life on airy cotton or smooth silk fabrics. The designs are deeply rooted in Malaysia’s natural scenery and history, featuring symbols from its flora, fauna, and folklore. Batik transforms ordinary clothing and home décor items into extraordinary pieces of wearable and usable art. Embracing a Batik piece is a celebration of the local craftsmanship and a way to keep Malaysia’s visual tapestry alive, one beautiful design at a time.

Royal Selangor Pewter

Royal Selangor Pewter is a testament to Malaysia’s prowess in creating exquisite, handcrafted pewter items. Renowned globally, Royal Selangor has redefined the use of this alloy, turning it into elegant home décor, tableware, and personal accessories. Every item reflects high quality and attention to detail, with designs often inspired by Malaysian tradition and landscape. Royal Selangor Pewter pieces are more than just decorative objects, they’re vessels of the country’s craftsmanship, narrating a tale of fine metallurgy and artistry. Embrace a piece of Royal Selangor to add a touch of Malaysian luxury to your daily life.


Indulge in Dodol, Malaysia’s classic sweet treat that’s a harmony of rich flavors and a fudgy texture. Made by patiently stirring glutinous rice flour, coconut milk, and palm sugar together over low heat, Dodol achieves its mouthwatering caramel-like consistency. With local variations including the coveted durian Dodol, this confectionery delight excites taste buds across Malaysia, and is a popular festive staple during celebrations like Hari Raya. Unravel the tempting aroma of Dodol and discover how this delectable treat captures the essence of Malaysian gastronomy in each tantalizing bite.

Malaysian Football Jersey

The Malaysian Football Jersey is more than just sportswear—it’s an emblem of national pride. This jersey, strikingly designed in daring combinations of the country’s official colors, yellow, black, white, and blue, carries the spirit of Malaysia’s football fervor. Draped in high-quality, breathable fabric, it ensures comfort while reflecting the robust energy of the game. The Malaysian crest, placed over the heart, pulsates the country’s undying love for football with each beat. It’s not just a jersey, it’s a way for fans to feel closer to the intensity of the game and manifest their support for the national team.

Pandan Flavor Snacks

Pandan-flavored snacks are a captivating fusion of fragrance and taste, deeply rooted in Southeast Asian cuisine, particularly Malaysia. Derived from the leaves of the pandan plant, this flavor adds a sweet, floral note, turning ordinary snacks into extraordinary indulgences. From pandan chiffon cake to ondeh-ondeh and pandan pancakes, these delectably green treats enchant snack enthusiasts with their unique aroma and taste. Not only are they delicious, but pandan also brings health benefits, making these snacks an irresistible combination of flavor and wellness, guaranteed to transport your taste buds to tropical wonderlands.

Durian Chocolates and Candies

The most famous food in Malaysia has to be Durian – a stinky smelling fruit that’s banned on transportation in many Asian countries. While you may not want to travel with a whole Durian, you can bring home Durian chocolates and candie thats infuse the bold and distinctive flavor of the King of Fruits into indulgent treats.

This fusion of the rich, creamy durian with velvety chocolate or sweet candies unites two contrasting worlds, pushing the boundaries of confectionery delights. Expected to elicit polarizing reactions, this unique combination of flavors is adventurous and daring, making these treats the perfect gift for food explorers and durian enthusiasts. Give in to the temptation of durian-infused chocolates and candies, where culinary curiosity meets sensory bliss.

Malaysian Games

For a truly unique memento from Malaysia, consider bringing back traditional games. Batu Seremban, a popular local game using five ‘stones’, takes simple materials but demands finesse and skill. Congkak, a prominent board game, involves counting marbles with strategic movements. Wau Bulan kites and Sepak Takraw balls mirror the country’s love for outdoor activities. Gasing, or tops spinning, is another noteworthy option, combining craftsmanship and fun. These games not only symbolize Malaysia’s multifaceted culture but promise playful memories back home.

White Coffee

White coffee from Malaysia is a cherished beverage with a distinct aroma and taste. Originating in Ipoh, it’s made from coffee beans roasted in palm oil margarine, creating a lighter, caramel-like flavor. The coffee is typically blended with sweetened condensed milk, resulting in a creamy, smooth consistency and a rich taste. Widely enjoyed across the country, it has won the hearts of both locals and travelers alike. Bringing home Malaysian white coffee is a delightful way to relive memories of this enchanting destination while indulging in a comforting and caffeine-rich treat.


Songket is an exquisite traditional fabric from Malaysia, prized for its intricate patterns and luxurious feel. Hand-woven in silk or cotton, and interwoven with gold or silver threads, it’s a magnificent representation of the country’s rich textile heritage. Its complex motifs, often inspired by nature, add to its grandeur. This lavish fabric is utilized in formal attire, wedding outfits, and ceremonial wear, marking it as a symbol of status and prestige. Acquiring a piece of Songket reflects not only an appreciation for fine craftsmanship but also a connection to Malaysian heritage.

Labu Sayong

Labu Sayong is a unique Malaysian artifact, known for its distinct gourd-like shape and cooling properties. It is traditionally a black earthenware jug that’s used to store and cool drinking water. Created primarily in the Kampung Sayong in Perak, Malaysia, Labu Sayong continues to be handcrafted using age-old techniques. Its intricate carvings and attractive shape make it not just a functional item, but also a treasured home décor piece. As a souvenir, this serves as a remarkable testament to Malaysia’s rich pottery heritage.

Kain Pelikat

Kain Pelikat is a traditional Malaysian attire, but it’s also loved for its casual comfort. Picture it as a rectangular piece of cloth with striking patterns, commonly worn like a sarong around the waist. This unstitched fabric is super versatile and can be styled in numerous ways, doubling up as a blanket, baby carrier or even a picnic mat! Whether you’re chilling at home or hanging at the beach, Kain Pelikat is a perfect blend of style and convenience. It’s a slice of Malaysian culture that you can literally wrap around!


100Plus is a beloved beverage in Malaysia that’s as refreshing as it is energizing. It’s a carbonated sports drink packed with electrolytes, making it a perfect pick-me-up, especially in Malaysia’s tropical heat. The fizzy, sweet taste and the promise of rehydration and energy have made it a popular choice among athletes and fans of outdoor activities. Having a can of 100Plus is not just about quenching your thirst, it’s an experience in itself — a Malaysian experience you can relish anytime, anywhere.

Sarawak Black Peppercorns

Sarawak Black Peppercorns are a culinary pride of Malaysia. Grown in the nutrient-rich soil of Sarawak, these peppercorns pack a punch of flavor that’s unmatched. Revered for their robust yet nuanced taste, they add a pop of heat and a burst of aroma to dishes. What’s more, the peppercorns have a shiny black hue that makes them visually appealing too. When you cook with Sarawak Black Peppercorns, you’re not just seasoning your food — you’re sprinkling a bit of Malaysia onto your plate.

Instant Teh Tarik

Instant Teh Tarik is Malaysia’s favorite convenience drink captured in a sachet. This quick-fix version of the iconic Malaysian pulled tea delivers an authentic taste that’s aromatic, creamy, and comforting. Just pour the contents into a cup, infuse with hot water, and voilà — you’ve got a frothy, sweet, and milky beverage that introduces you to Malaysian tea culture, no milk-pulling necessary! Instant Teh Tarik lets you experience the texture and flavors of the streets of Malaysia, from the comfort of your own home.


Milo is more than just a drink in Malaysia — it’s a cherished part of everyday life. This distinct, chocolate-malt beverage is loved for its rich cocoa flavor and the boost of energy it provides. Whether served hot for breakfast or iced in the afternoon, Milo’s unique taste is universally adored. It’s even offered from food trucks, known locally as ‘Milo vans’, at sporting events and school canteens. With its nourishing ingredients and nostalgic appeal, Milo has become synonymous with childhood memories and comfort for many Malaysians.

Ondeh Ondeh

Meet Ondeh Ondeh, your next sweet obsession from Malaysia! These little green balls, covered in grated coconut, are the ultimate bite-sized delight. Inside, they hide a surprise filling of palm sugar that literally oozes out with each bite. The taste? Imagine a lovely mix of sweet, savory and a bit of pandan fragrance. Eating Ondeh Ondeh is a fun adventure in itself – pop one in your mouth and let the flavors explode! It’s like a party of deliciousness happening right on your taste buds.

Sabah Pearls

Sabah Pearls are Malaysia’s hidden gems, literally! These iridescent beauties, cultivated in the pristine waters of Sabah, are widely known for their unique colors and lustre. Ranging from classic white to rare golden hues, these pearls add elegance and sophistication to any jewelry piece. Sabah Pearls reflect the essence of Malaysia’s seascape, embracing the rich natural beauty and artisan craftsmanship the country has to offer. Treat yourself or someone special to these precious gems, and let Sabah Pearls remind you of the enchanting allure of Malaysia.

Cucuk Sanggul

Cucuk Sanggul is a traditional Malaysian hairpin worn as part of a ceremonial attire, particularly by brides during Malay weddings. Usually made from gold or silver, they’re intricately designed, synonymous with elegance, beauty, and rich heritage. Rooted in their function to secure the customary bun-style (‘sanggul’), these accessories also symbolize a woman’s marital status and societal rank. Adorned with beautiful gemstones and engraving, the Cucuk Sanggul’s timeless design is a testament to Malaysia’s intricate craftsmanship. Bridging aesthetics with tradition, it enhances the natural beauty of the wearer while narrating a tale of cultural significance.


The Kerongsang is a traditional Malaysian brooch, a piece of jewelry that’s rich in cultural significance. It’s usually worn on the chest to fasten the ‘kebaya’, a traditional blouse-dress. Traditionally made of gold, silver, or adorned with gemstones, the kerongsang is a symbol of elegance, beauty, and cultural pride. Its intricate designs reflect the Malaysian artistry and craftsmanship. Whether you’re dressing up for a cultural event or simply want to add a dash of heritage to your outfit, the kerongsang is a timeless accessory that ties your look back to the roots of Malaysia.

A Final Word

Wrapping it up, Malaysian souvenirs are truly a treasure trove, capturing the vibrant essence of the country in compact keepsakes. From Batik textiles, handcrafted Royal Selangor Pewter items, to diverse and bold flavors like Dodol, Pandan snacks, and Durian candies, they shake hands with the tradition and creativity of the land. Whether it’s the symbolic football jersey radiating team spirit or the cultural Cucuk Sanggul hairpin, there’s a piece of Malaysia to take home with you. These souvenirs aren’t just objects; they’re memories that create a unique bond with this colorful country long after you’ve left its shores.

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