21 Souvenirs From Finland: What to Buy in Finland

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As a visitor to the stunning Nordic country of Finland, there are numerous souvenirs you can bring back home to remember your journey. The authentic Finnish souvenirs range from beautiful indigenous handicrafts like Ryijy rugs and Karelian birch bark items, to aesthetic Marimekko printed textiles and Iittala glassware. Don’t miss out on the classic Finnish Puukko knives, known for their unique Finnish design and utility. If you are a fan of sweets, Finland’s salty licorice, ‘Salmiakki’, is a must-try. Meanwhile, ‘Moomin’ merchandise featuring Tove Janssson’s adorable characters are popular among travelers of all ages. Nature lovers can capture the essence of Finnish wildlife and serene landscapes with art prints, postcards, and photography books. Each of these souvenirs are sure to remind you of the memorable experiences you had within Finland’s borders.

Best Finland Souvenirs


Marimekko, a Finnish design house, is cherished worldwide for its bold prints and vibrant colors. Acquiring a Marimekko product as a souvenir from Finland guarantees a touch of Scandinavia back home. Choose from a wide selection of textiles, including clothing, accessories, or home décor items like curtains, tablecloths, and cushion covers. With their distinctive designs, Marimekko products not only bring unforgettable memories of Finland but also add a trendy, Nordic flair to your life.

Wool Socks

Finnish wool socks are a real treat for your feet — cozy, functional, and perfect for keeping warm on chilly days. These handmade treasures use traditional knitting techniques and designs, showcasing the country’s rich heritage. Made from durable and high-quality wool, Finnish socks are a must-have winter essential. Picking up a pair, or several, as souvenirs from Finland is a practical and thoughtful choice to remind you of the warmth and comfort experienced throughout your journey in the land of a thousand lakes.


Iittala is an iconic Finnish design brand known for high-quality, beautifully crafted glassware and homeware. It’s like carrying a piece of Finnish art home. The brand’s timeless, yet innovative designs make everyday objects extraordinary. From classic Alvar Aalto vases to functional Taika dinnerware, Iittala products are not just souvenirs, but something you can use and admire daily. Buying Iittala on your Finnish visit means bringing a slice of Nordic design history into your living space.

Salmiakki Koskenkorva

Salmiakki Koskenkorva, or “Salmari,” is a favorite Finnish liqueur that infuses vodka with the intense flavor of salty licorice, also known as ‘salmiakki’. The liqueur is dark, intriguing, and quintessentially Finnish. In moderation, it provides a unique taste experience and makes an ideal gift or souvenir for adventurous spirits lovers. Grabbing a bottle of Salmiakki Koskenkorva is like taking a sip of Finland’s bold and distinctive cultural spirit.

Fazer Chocolate

Fazer Chocolate, a true Finnish delicacy, is favored by both locals and tourists alike. The brand, founded by Karl Fazer in 1891, offers a delightful range of chocolates, with the iconic blue-wrapped ‘Fazer Blue’ as its star product. Made from fresh, high-quality ingredients and sustainable cocoa, Fazer chocolates embody a rich and smooth taste that melts in your mouth. Bringing home these scrumptious treats from Finland is sure to please any chocolate lover and serve as a delectable reminder of your journey.


Puukko, the quintessential Finnish knife, is a symbol of Finnish culture and tradition. These handcrafted tools are known for their simple, yet elegant design, and a razor-sharp blade made of high-quality steel. Puukkos are versatile, serving a variety of functions, from woodworking to hunting and fishing. A puukko knife is more than just a souvenir from Finland; it’s a practical and durable item reflecting the craftsmanship, form, and function that underpins Finnish identity. Just make sure to pack this one in your checked suitcase, otherwise you’ll get flagged at security if it’s in your carry on!

Kuksa Wooden Mug

A Kuksa is a traditional Finnish wooden mug, designed to be sturdy, functional, and exceptionally beautiful. Carved from Arctic birch, often by skilled local craftsmen, Kuksas are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts given their durability and resistance to heat. Each Kuksa carries a unique charm with its own wood grain pattern, lending a rustic feel. Owning a Kuksa is owning a small, personal piece of Finland’s rich wilderness culture, making it an enlightening souvenir from the land of the midnight sun.

Marttiini Knife

Marttiini knives reflect Finland’s rich tradition in crafting high-quality tools. Founded in 1928 by blacksmith Janne Marttiini, these knives are appreciated for their durability, sharpness, and Scandinavian aesthetics. Whether it’s for outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing, or for gourmet kitchen use, Marttiini knives are a symbol of Finnish practicality and craftmanship. Owning a Marttiini knife is like owning a slice of Finland’s enduring legacy in knife making.

Just remember that knives and sharp objects must be packed in your checked luggage if you want to bring them back home with you on the plane.

Blueberry Juice

Blueberry juice is a quintessentially Finnish beverage that reflects the country’s love for its plentiful wild berries. The juice, made from vibrant, antioxidant-rich Finnish blueberries, is both tangy and sweet with a unique, refreshing flavor. In Finland, it’s not just a drink, but a link to the country’s pristine forests and clean air. The tradition of making blueberry juice captures Finland’s minimalist ethos and fondness for natural, unadulterated flavors straight from Mother Nature’s bounty. A taste of this juice is like drinking in the essence of Finnish wilderness.


Jaloviina, or “Jallu” as the Finns affectionately call it, is a distinctive Finnish spirit. A blend of cut brandy and grain alcohol, it was first introduced post-prohibition in 1932. The ratio of alcohol to brandy determines the different versions, marked by one, two, or three horseshoes on the label. With its robust, slightly sweet flavor, Jaloviina has become an integral part of Finnish drinking culture. Enjoying a glass is akin to partaking in a uniquely Finnish tradition, rendering it an unmissable experience for spirit connoisseurs and curious travellers alike.

Cloudberry Jam

Cloudberry jam from Finland is a real treat! It’s made from unique, juicy cloudberries that only grow in the cool, cut-off corners of the Arctic. These wild berries are naturally tart, but turn into a mouth-watering sweet-tangy jam. This golden jam often finds its way onto cheeses or in yummy desserts, showing off Finland’s cool knack for using its precious fruits well. So, if you’re after a true taste of Finland, this deliciously luxurious jam is a good start!


Salmiakki, or salty licorice, is a traditional Finnish candy that’s sure to add some kick to your taste buds. This raven-black treat is known for its unique combo of sweet and salty, created by infusing licorice with ammonium chloride. Love it or hate it, Salmiakki is dear to Finnish hearts, often initiating first-time tasters into the ‘Salmiakki challenge.’ Giving this quirky delicacy a try is a must when you’re looking to sample the full spectrum of Finnish tastes!

Arabia Ceramics

Arabia ceramics, coming from Finland, hold a special place in the world of design. Started in 1873, the Arabia brand embodies Finnish design philosophy — functional, yet beautiful. Their porcelain and stoneware pieces, from mugs to plates, are artistic and durable. Unique patterns and forms showcase craft expertise and aesthetics, making each piece both useful and stylish. The charm of Arabia ceramics lies in their minimalist design combined with Finnish traditions, making them beloved objects in homes around the world.

Kalevala Jewelry

Kalevala Jewelry is a Finnish jewelry brand that’s been around since 1937. The name come from the epic Finnish tale, ‘Kalevala’. The company is known for making jewelry pieces that bring ancient Finnish and Nordic designs back to life. Each piece is handcrafted in Helsinki, blending old-school craft skills with modern methods, resulting in some truly timeless and meaningful designs. If you’re looking to wear a piece of Finnish history and culture, Kalevala Jewelry has got you covered!

Terva Candy

Hailing from Finland, Terva Candy is quite a distinctive treat. The key ingredient? Tar. Yes, real wood tar derived from burning pine trees, which lends a smokey, almost barbecue-like taste. This peculiar candy is a throwback to when the Finns used tar as a cure-all for various ailments. Now, Terva Candy is a quirky snack with a bittersweet taste that grows on you – it’s a classic example of Finland’s unique palette-awakening flavors. Try it if you’re up for some intriguing gastronomic adventure!

Finnish Gin

Finnish gin is gaining international recognition for its distinct flavors and aroma. Brands like Kyrö Distillery’s Napue gin and Helsinki Distilling Company’s Helsinki Gin are prime examples of Finland’s thriving gin scene. These artisan gins employ locally sourced ingredients such as wild, handpicked berries, and pure Finnish water to create a crisp, aromatic spirit. The broader use of botanicals like sea buckthorn, cranberries, and birch leaves gives Finnish gin its unique identity. With these indigenous ingredients, Finnish gin is making waves, offering a refreshing twist on the classic spirit.

Vodka from Finland

Finnish vodka is celebrated for its unparalleled quality, smoothness, and purity. Finlandia Vodka, one of the most renowned brands, is made with pure glacial spring water and high-quality, locally grown six-row barley. Koskenkorva Vodka, another popular brand, showcases the Finnish tradition through its clean taste, embodying simplicity and sustainability. Laplandia Vodka, a more recent contender, also stands out for its exceptional smoothness and premium nature. Thanks to the meticulous choice of ingredients and time-tested distillation processes, Finnish vodka brands have earned themselves a respected position in the global spirits market.

Moomin Merch

Moomin, originating from Swedish-speaking Finnish author Tove Jansson’s books and comics, has become an international phenomenon. In Finland, Moomin-themed merchandise is a staple cultural icon. An array of Moomin merch including mugs, books, clothing, and toys can be found in almost every Finnish household, embodying a slice of Finnish childhood. Brands like Arabia and Iittala produce popular Moomin tableware, while Martinex specializes in Moomin apparel. These goods captivate fans with their whimsical designs, promising a piece of the enchanting Moomin world that spans generations.

Fiskars Scissors

Fiskars Scissors, an iconic Finnish product, make for an excellent souvenir. Launched in 1967, these orange-handled wonders revolutionized the world of scissors with their ergonomic and ultra-durable design. Their high-quality and sharp blades are a testament to Finnish dedication to practical and timeless design. Whether you’re a designer, a home cook, or just someone who appreciates well-made tools, Fiskars Scissors are a useful keepsake that embodies Finnish ingenuity. Plus, their distinct look makes them instantly recognizable, serving as a remarkable memento of your Finnish journey.


The Kantele, Finland’s national musical instrument, is a beautiful representation of the country’s rich cultural heritage. This ancient stringed instrument, resembling a zither, boasts a unique melodic tone that can transport listeners to the mystical Finnish landscapes. Rooted in the epic Finnish poem ‘Kalevala,’ it plays an essential role in Finnish folklore, with the first Kantele said to have been crafted from the jawbone of a giant fish. Handmade by skilled artisans, modern Kanteles are crafted from carefully selected woods. The Kantele’s soothing sound and fine craftsmanship make it a true Finnish treasure.

Spa Accessories

Finnish spa accessories are part of the country’s renowned sauna culture. Loofahs, various brushes, and essential oils are popular, but the most iconic accessory is the ‘vihta’ or ‘ vasta,’ a bundle of fresh birch twigs used for gentle flagellation to improve circulation. Another integral item is the sauna bucket and ladle, traditionally made from Finnish wood. Additionally, high-quality spa textiles, such as linen bathrobes and towels from brands like Lapuan Kankurit, are sought after. These accessories elevate the traditional Finnish spa experience, making them the perfect souvenirs for those seeking wellness and relaxation.

A Final Word

In a nutshell, Finland has a diverse offering of souvenirs, each echoing a unique aspect of Finnish culture. From the world-renowned Finnish spirits to Moomin treasures, the game-changing Fiskars Scissors, and truly Finnish spa accessories, each of these unique items tells its own Finnish tale. They showcase the country’s love for simplicity, respect for nature, and a knack for innovations. So, whether you’re in Finland or simply exploring from afar, these treasures offer a taste of the authentic Finnish experience.

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