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3 Last Minute Tips for DIY Home Renovations

You’ve been waiting years to do a few home renovations and finally have it all together, or so you think. You’ve ordered all the supplies you’ll need, new appliances, tools, paint, drop cloths and whatever else you’ve itemized but there are probably at least a few things you hadn’t thought about. Before you start tearing down walls or pulling out that tub for a newer walk-in model, take a few minutes to think about things you maybe hadn’t considered.

1. Give Yourself Room to Move Around

Altogether too often, what we plan on being a weekend job turns into a nightmare lasting for weeks. Some of the most common issues homeowners face are with plumbing or electrical wiring, which they aren’t equipped to handle, necessitating hiring professionals who may not be able to come for several days.

Instead of piling everything in one room where you can’t get around for extended periods of time, try putting everything in storage you can rent by the month. There are Storage Locker locations in a few areas of Southern California, for example, and who knows? You just might like decluttering your home enough to keep some things there for the long term!

2. Set Aside a Budget for Hotel Stays

Some of those obstacles you may encounter might make it necessary to vacate the premises for a few days. One of the things which many homeowners hadn’t planned on would be chemicals they hadn’t planned on using. If the air inside the home will be unhealthy to breathe until fully aired out, you will want to stay a night or two away from the home. For example, mold and mildew found behind walls could make it necessary to treat the area immediately, not only to remove toxic mold spores from the air but to dry out lumber so that the integrity of the structure isn’t threatened. In any event, if some unforeseen issue makes it unhealthy to stay in the home until it’s resolved, plan on vacating for the duration.

3. Keep That List of Contractors Handy

Although you have every intention of making this a DIY home renovation, Murphy’s Law always seems to prevail at the worst of times. Bear in mind that some things you cannot legally do on your own in some states without the services of a licensed contractor. Electrical wiring comes to mind. This is often the case with DIY kitchen HardHat Renovation Guys where you find that your current wiring will not handle all those new appliances you ordered to go in your ‘new’ kitchen. In the event that you need an extra circuit or that wiring needs to be rerouted or replaced, have a list of contractors ready to call if needed. You never know when Murphy will knock unannounced!

These are just a few of those last-minute things you may not have considered. Take the time to go back over your list to see if there’s anything you’ve missed. Do yourself a favor and plan for the best but prepare for the worst.


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