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30 Fun Easter Games for Kids



The big Easter egg hunt is over — now what? There are plenty of ways to stay in the Easter spirit once all of the eggs are found. Whether you’re doing an outdoor celebration, looking for indoor Easter ideas, are able to visit family or are keeping it small again this year, there are plenty of Easter games for every type of party. Get everyone hopping around with these creative ideas that will keep the fun going long after they open their Easter baskets.

These festive activities — from a bunny hop sack race to a water balloon “egg” toss — will keep your younger guests entertained and your older guests celebrating the true spirit of spring. The best ideas get the whole family up and moving, so they can work off the extra energy from their candy sugar rushes. Other activities challenge the mind, asking players to solve puzzles or strategize to win. And the littlest ones can get in on the act, too, with games that help them sharpen some of their important preschool skills. Plus, they’ll ensure that everyone’s worked up an appetite by the time Easter dinner is served. Just don’t forget to whip up some yummy Easter treats for your grand prize winners.

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Checkers gets an Easter twist when you exchange the round pieces for easy, DIY chicks and bunnies. You might even want to keep this one out as a decoration when you’re not playing it.

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Egg Bowling

If you have a smooth, flat surface in your house or patio, you can try rolling eggs in a traditional bowling game and try to knock down empty water bottles. Or you can go for a game of precision, challenging players to see if they can get closest to a marker (in this case, the plain, white egg).

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Mix and Match

If your kids have their color-naming skills on lock, kick it up a notch with this tricky sorting game that asks kids to hunt for plastic eggs that match an illustration.

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Easter Egg Advent Calendar

Christmas gets a fun countdown, so why not Easter? The kids can start counting down the days until Easter Sunday with these confetti-filled eggs. Each egg contains a slip of paper with a fun activity or privilege (like staying up past bedtime).

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Hula Hoop Aim Game

Set up five hula hoops on the floor and assign a point value to each (ex: the closest hoop is 10 points and the furthest hoop is 50). Give each player five plastic eggs. Have them toss the eggs into the hoops to see who can rack up the most points.

Jumping Jack



This surprise game is perfect for getting in the Easter spirit. Players pull carrots from the base and wait for Jack to launch from his perch. Once he jumps, players race to catch him. Ages 7+

Bunny Hop Sack Race

Turning a burlap sack into hours of Easter fun has never been easier. Set up each player with a sack — decked out with bunny tail — and have them race to the finish line.

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Egged On Game

As fun to watch as it is to play, players crack plastic eggs on their heads in this roulette-style game — and hope they aren’t cracking one filled with water! Great for outdoor get togethers and bringing together a crowd — just remember to let the plastic eggs dry completely before packing it back up. Ages 6+

Easter Tag

This game is similar to regular tag, except to avoid being tagged, players can yell out an Easter-related word to keep whoever’s “it” at bay. To make the game more challenging, choose a theme. For example, themes could be “types of Easter candies” or “types of flowers.” Players can only use the same word once.




This brain teaser will have family and friends scratching their heads all Easter season long. It comes with 60 challenge cards (from easy to expert) as players guide the bunny over mushrooms and away from foxes to the safety of their homes. Ages 7+

Hatchimals EGGventure Game


Perfect for Hatchimals fans, this game comes with four exclusive Hatchimal figurines — including one in a surprise egg to hatch! It also helps practice strategy and matching skills. Ages 5+

Pin the Tail on the Bunny

Giant Jenga

Jumbo Jenga gets an Easter makeover thanks to cheery shades of paint. Players take turns removing blocks from the stack, trying their best not to knock it over.

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Easter Candy Dice Game



When the baskets are opened, how do you trade your least-favorite jelly beans for the best chocolate eggs? Try this dice game, which makes the best use of any extra candy you have lying around.

Easter Bocce

Easter-fy this classic outdoor game by using wooden eggs instead of traditional bocce balls. Toss one egg as a marker and then see which player can toss their egg closest to it.

Bunny Bedtime

Peaceable Kingdom


This game is perfect for little ones to get in the Easter bunny mood. Players work together to make decisions, guiding the bunny through a bedtime routine. It helps introduce board games to little ones while practicing skills like decision making and planning. Ages 2+

Clue Hunt

Everything’s a bit more fun with a little mystery. You’ll have to hide the eggs and candy separately, but seeing your little ones have that “aha!” moment will make it worth it.

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Rabbit Ears Ring Toss

Get ready to get silly! With this game, players wear a pair of inflatable rabbit ears while their partners try to toss the rings onto them. It’s impossible to do without giggling. Ages 4+

Easter Minute to Win It

Fast-paced games always get the heart racing! For this game, see who can stack up the most plastic Easter egg halves in 60 seconds. Don’t let it topple!

Hoppy Floppy’s Happy Hunt

Educational Insights


For the littlest ones, players can spin the wheel in this game, and then use the bunny tweezers to pluck the correct color carrot to put in their baskets. The first one to fill their basket wins. This game works on fine motor coordination and color matching skills. Ages 3+

Egg Snatch!

For older kids, you cam up the competition factor in the egg hunt by introducing stealing rules. Declare that it’s allowed for kids to steal eggs from each other’s baskets — but if the snatcher gets caught, they have to fork over one of their own eggs.

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