31 Souvenirs From England: What to Buy in England

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Heading to England soon? You’re going to find plenty of amazing souvenirs to remember your trip! One of the classics that comes to mind is a cute model of a red telephone box or even a double-decker bus. Both are cheerful reminders of London’s streets. If you love tea, you’re in for a treat! You can find gorgeous bone china teacups along with an assortment of English tea blends. And let’s not forget about sports fans – you can grab some English Premier League merchandise to support your favorite football team back home. Fashion lovers can keep an eye out for the stylish and timeless Burberry patterns. Of course, no trip to England is complete without a little Royal memorabilia, like a Union Jack or a souvenir featuring the Queen or famous landmarks like Big Ben. So whatever you choose, you’ll have a little piece of England to cherish, and it’ll bring back fond memories of your adventure!

Foods to Bring Back from England

Tea from Fortnum & Mason

Want that truly British afternoon tea experience? Try Fortnum & Mason! They’ve been mastering the art of tea since 1707. Classic blends, single estate teas, fruity infusions – they have it all. Try their famous Royal Blend for a taste of history or the unusual Rose Pouchong for something different. Buying from Fortnum’s isn’t just about tea, it’s about immersing yourself in the British tea tradition. So go on, put the kettle on and enjoy a cup of Fortnum’s finest!


For a taste of quintessentially British spirits, you have to check out English gin! Famous distilleries like Beefeater, Tanqueray, and Bombay Sapphire put their unique spin on it with a symphony of botanicals. Then, there’s craft pioneers like Sipsmith and Hendrick’s pushing gin’s flavour boundaries. A sip takes you on a journey through the rich heritage of English distilling. So, grab a bottle as your special UK souvenir – because nothing says ‘Cheers from Britain’ quite like a G&T!


Ready to discover a delightful British treat? You can’t miss out on English shortbread! It’s a simple, buttery biscuit with just the right amount of sweetness. Its melt-in-your-mouth texture makes it irresistible. Brands like Walker’s and Shortbread House of Edinburgh offer varieties ranging from traditional to adventurous flavours like pistachio or sea salt. Perfect with a cuppa or as a sweet snack on the go. So, when you’re in England, make sure to try this yummy biscuit!


In the world of quintessentially British foods, Marmite stands tall. Made from yeast extract, it has a bold taste and a unique savory, umami flavour. People often have strong feelings about it: you either love it or hate it. But once you’ve fallen for it, you might just find yourself slathering it on toast, pairing it with cheese, or even devouring Marmite-flavoured snacks. So, why not give this iconic, versatile spread a taste while in England? You never know, it might just become your new guilty pleasure!

Cadburys Chocolate

Yearning for a sweet treat? Try Cadbury’s chocolate! Born in Birmingham, England, Cadbury is famous for its rich, smooth and creamy chocolate. With classics like Dairy Milk and Crunchie to unique regional treats like Wispa or Curly Wurly, there’s a Cadbury treat for everyone. Not just yummy, Cadbury’s chocolates are heart-warming reminders of childhood for many Brits. So, whether you’re on British soil or want to enjoy a bit of England everywhere, don’t forget to savour a bar (or two) of Cadbury’s chocolate. It’s delightfully delicious!

Skips or Hula Hoops

In the mood for an iconic British snack? Give Skips and Hula Hoops a whirl! Skips, with their prawn cocktail flavour, are light, melty-in-your-mouth crisps, loved for their unique tang. On the other hand, Hula Hoops are hearty, potato-based rings, coming in a variety of flavours – BBQ, Cheese & Onion, Salt & Vinegar, and more. Both have grown up with generations of Brits, making snack time so much fun. So go on, grab a packet of Skips or Hula Hoops and crunch into some delightful British nostalgia!


Ready for a classic British breakfast treat? Meet the crumpet: it’s a griddle cake made from flour, yeast, and a pinch of baking soda. With a spongy texture and distinctive holes, it’s the perfect vessel for butter, jam, or the classic Marmite spread. Toast a crumpet up and these toppings melt into the holes creating a burst of flavour. You can even take them home as the perfect tasty souvenir from England. So, sample a crumpet or two for a delicious taste of British culinary tradition!


Hungry for an authentic British delight? Get yourself a scone! These are fluffy, soft pastries usually made with flour, butter, and baking powder then sweetened with sugar. They are classically paired with clotted cream and strawberry jam, often served with afternoon tea. Mildly sweet, and slightly crumbly, scones shine with simple, comforting flavours. Famous in tea rooms all over the UK, they’re a must-try for any food lover. Why not take a recipe book of scones as a souvenir? It’s a taste of Britain you can recreate at home!

Digestive Biscuits

Craving a guilt-free biscuit? Let me introduce you to Digestives – a beloved biscuit in the UK. Made with whole wheat flour, Digestives have a delicious, lightly sweet and slightly nutty flavour. They’ve also earned fame as the perfect partner for a cup of tea, particularly when coated in chocolate! Launched by McVitie’s in the late 1800s, they’ve become a staple in British homes. Indulge your sweet tooth with a Digestive biscuit while also grabbing a whiff of British tradition. Trust me, they’re delightfully moreish!

Jaffa Cakes

In the mood for a unique British treat? Meet Jaffa Cakes! Despite the name, these aren’t actual cakes, but biscuit-sized treats with three distinct layers: a genoise sponge base, a layer of zingy orange-flavoured jam, and a coating of dark chocolate. This combination gives Jaffa Cakes a distinct sweet-yet-tart taste that’s simply irresistible. Iconic in the UK and produced by McVitie’s, they’re a delightful indulgence that will leave you reaching for just one more. So, when you’re peckish for a piece of England, why not try a Jaffa Cake?

Whittards Hot Chocolate

A chilly day calls for a warm, soothing cup of Whittard’s hot chocolate. Hailing from England, Whittard’s is a renowned retailer specialising in fine tea, coffee, and luxury hot chocolate. Their hot chocolate range offers a delightful plethora of flavours, from traditional sumptuous chocolate to fruity raspberry ripple and exotic salted caramel, catering to every taste. Each sip envelops you in a rich, velvety, and utterly indulgent experience, making it the perfect treat to unwind with. So, go ahead and indulge yourself with a cup of Whittard’s hot chocolate – a true British delight!

Wine Gums

Looking for a quintessential British sweet treat? Try Wine Gums! Contrary to their name, they contain no wine. Instead, these chewy, fruity candies have their flavours and colours playfully labelled with wine names like Port, Champagne, or Burgundy. Developed by Maynards in the early 1900s, their unique, slightly firm texture and sweet-yet-tart taste have made them a favourite nationwide. Brands like Maynards and Bassett’s offer these little gems in different shapes and sizes. Delightfully chewy and vibrant, Wine Gums are a scrumptious piece of British confectionery history. Enjoy them anytime for a sweet, nostalgic treat!

Licorice Allsorts

Fancy a colourful and quirky British confection? Licorice Allsorts are just the ticket! Comprised of various shapes, sizes, and flavours, they’re made primarily from sugary fondant, licorice, and coconut that come together in a delightful taste experience. Wrapped in bright colours, these unique candies were first created by accident in the late 19th century by George Bassett & Co. The irresistible medley of Licorice Allsorts, including striped squares, sugar-coated rolls, and chequered tubes, ensures there’s a perfect bite for everyone. Give them a try for an enjoyable trip down British confectionery lane.

Stilton or Cheddar Cheese

Honouring England’s rich dairy tradition, let’s take a moment for two iconic cheeses: Stilton and Cheddar. Stilton, known as the “King of Cheeses”, is distinctively rich and tangy with a beautiful blue-veining. It hails from the three specific counties of Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, and Leicestershire. Cheddar, on the other hand, is arguably Britain’s most famous cheese. Originating from the village of Cheddar in Somerset, it’s loved for its robust, creamy flavour and smooth texture. Whether you’re assembling a cheese board, crafting a sandwich, or enjoying them as is, these English cheeses are a pure joy to savour.


With a silky texture and a sweet, creamy taste, English fudge is a treat that’s hard to resist. Although it originates from the United States, fudge is a popular souvenir from England that you can bring home in your luggage.

This popular confectionery item comprises butter, sugar and milk, cooked and beaten until it reaches a lusciously soft, crumbly texture. With countless flavours from classic vanilla to indulgent chocolate, and even intriguing combinations like sea salt and caramel, there’s a fudge to satisfy every sweet tooth. Whether enjoyed as a teatime accompaniment or an after-dinner sweet treat, the comforting sweetness of English fudge is a taste of home you’ll cherish.

Other Souvenirs from England

Harry Potter Merch

England, the birthplace of the Harry Potter phenomenon, offers a spellbinding selection of merchandise for fans. From enchanting replicas of wands and robes to intriguing items like Marauder’s maps, you’re sure to feel the magic. Don’t miss the iconic Platform 9¾ at King’s Cross for some unique souvenirs. Whether you’re a Gryffindor or a Slytherin, you’ll find delightful treats and memorabilia to cherish your wizarding experience in England.

Paddington Bear

Traveling to London and a fan of Paddington Bear? Make sure to visit Paddington Station! There’s a wonderful store there loaded with all sorts of Paddington-related treasures. Fancy a cuddly toy or an illustrated book? You got it! And don’t forget to snap a selfie with the life-sized Paddington Bear statue. It’s definitely the place to pick up something special to remember your visit and the charming bear who loves marmalade and calls London home.

Royal Memorabilia

If you’re visiting London and plan to stop by Buckingham Palace, don’t forget to check out the official shop. It’s full of Royal Memorabilia, including beautifully made collectibles of the royal family, intricately designed home decor, and even jewel-studded replicas of the royal crowns. Whether you’re a history buff, royal enthusiast, or simply looking for a unique keepsake, the Buckingham Palace shop has got you covered.

Football Shirt

Celebrating the nation’s passion for football, a shirt from one of England’s top soccer teams makes for a cherished souvenir and a tribute to the English sporting spirit. Whether it’s Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, or another favourite team, donning their vibrant jersey tells a tale of your exhilarating football encounters. Get behind the English side and showcase the pride and love for the beautiful game with these authentic football shirts. They’re more than just sportswear, they’re mementos that connect you to a nation’s heartbeat and the glorious memories made in the stands, cheering for your team in England.

Mini London Buses

There’s something about those adorable mini London buses as souvenirs that bring a big leap of joy to both our inner child and collector. A symbol of the bustling English capital, these charming red buses have graced London’s streets for decades now. Their miniature versions capture the essence of London’s daily life and excitement in a tiny, delightful package. Nestled on your shelf or used as an eye-catching paperweight, these mini buses will forever remind you of those thrilling escapades and unforgettable moments exploring the wonders of England’s most iconic city.

Anything from Harrods

Harrods isn’t just a store; it’s an iconic piece of England known globally for its luxury. From stylish fashion and gourmet foods to plush toys and Harrods-branded homeware, every purchase carries the renowned Harrods stamp of extravagance. Gifts from Harrods don’t just speak style, but also whisper tales of an unforgettable London shopping experience. Whether it’s a classic Harrods tote, gourmet tea, or that adorable teddy bear, gifts from Harrods serve as luxurious souvenirs, bringing a touch of London’s sophisticated charm and rich elegance into your home.

Teacups and Teapots

What could be a more quintessentially British souvenir than charming teacups and elegant teapots from England? The birthplace of the beloved afternoon tea, the UK offers a delightful array of these tea-time treasures, boasting intricate designs, delightful florals, and gorgeous fine bone china. A dainty English teacup and teapot not only add class to your collection but also serve as graceful reminders of those perfect, cosy tea sessions. Elevate your tea rituals and share stories of your English adventures while you pour a cuppa from your exquisite teapot – it’s true tea-drinking bliss in a keepsake from Britain!

Sherlock Holmes Merch

Sherlock Holmes, the legendary detective and gem of English literature, isn’t just a character, but a global sensation! Grabbing some Sherlock merch from England, whether it’s a vintage-style magnifying glass, a deerstalker hat, or a thrilling novel from Baker Street’s Sherlock Holmes Museum, adds that wonderful dash of mystery and intrigue to your memorabilia. It’s like your own piece of the whodunit puzzle, radiating good ol’ Victorian charm! Whether you’re a hardcore Holmes enthusiast or just enjoy a good mystery, Sherlock merchandise is a fun and unique way to cherish your English escapades.

London Tube and Mind the Gap Merch

Ah, the good ol’ London Tube and its famed “Mind the Gap” announcement, as iconic to London as the Big Ben! It’s as much a part of the London experience as a cup of English tea. Taking home some Mind the Gap merch, be it a cheeky mug or a witty t-shirt, lets you keep a bit of that tube nostalgia lively and kicking. Plus, who wouldn’t love that catchy alert reminding us of the unforgettable adventures on the London Underground? Go on, snag a piece of this cool, quirky, quintessentially British memento.

Wedgwood China

Symbolising England’s rich ceramics heritage, Wedgwood has crafted exquisite fine china since 1759. Renowned for their iconic Jasperware featuring neo-classical motifs, and elegant bone china dinnerware, Wedgwood’s trademark craft combines sophistication, durability, and timeless design. Each piece bears the unmistakable Wedgwood stamp – a mark of quality, artistry, and a long-standing tradition of excellence. Owning a piece of Wedgwood china is a nod to English elegance and a prized possession that often becomes an heirloom, passed down through generations. It’s more than simply china; it’s a slice of England’s crafting history.

Royal Brierley Crystal

Royal Brierley crystal stands as a true testament to England’s finest glassmaking traditions since 1776. Each piece, skillfully handcrafted to perfection, exemplifies superior artistry and attentiveness to detail. Experience the sublime reflection of light as it dances through intricately cut patterns adorned on their elegant glassware, from tumblers to vases and decanters. Holding a Royal Brierley creation is a grasp on history, as this esteemed brand bears royal patronage and the title “The Queen’s Glassmaker.” Owning a piece of Royal Brierley crystal is treasuring an emblem of British craftsmanship, blending timeless style and unrivalled quality.

Liberty London Fabric

Liberty London’s cherished fabrics embody the union of British elegance and artistry. Most profoundly known for their signature Tana Lawn™ cotton, these luxurious textiles boast intricate, imaginative designs with vibrant colours and distinctive motifs that celebrate the nation’s rich aesthetic heritage. Equally versatile and exquisite, Liberty London’s fabrics can grace anything from bespoke clothing to creative home décor. Owning a piece of Liberty fabric is not just acquiring a souvenir but cherishing an emblem of sartorial splendour, quality, and indelible style from England – an artefact that tells a tale of British artisanship.

Penhaligon’s Perfumes

Representing the epitome of British luxury, Penhaligon’s perfumes have been tantalising senses since 1870. Each fragrance, presented in delicately crafted bottles, unravels a captivating narrative of charm and sophistication. From floral to oriental, citrus to woody, their scents are perennially refined yet innovatively diverse. Inspired by the unexpected and the eclectic, Penhaligon’s blends fine rare ingredients like exotic spices, precious woods, and piquant florals. A spritz of Penhaligon’s perfume is more than a mere fragrance – it’s an intimate piece of British luxury, a timeless personal statement, and a glimpse into Britain’s splendid olfactory history.

Clothing from UK Clothing Brands

UK clothing brands exude quintessential British style, making them sought-after souvenirs that blend fashion and memories. From heritage brands like Burberry, offering their iconic trench coats and distinctive check patterns, to contemporary streetwear like Fred Perry, with their collared shirts and laurel wreath logo, British fashion is synonymous with elegance and cutting-edge design. Sporting a garment from a famous UK clothing brand adds a touch of sophistication and nostalgic charm to your wardrobe, allowing you to showcase your appreciation for British culture and sartorial prowess even after your journey comes to a close.

Saville Row Suit

Purchasing a suit from Savile Row, London’s hub for bespoke tailoring, is the pinnacle of sartorial finesse. Synonymous with British style and tradition, every suit from Savile Row tailoring houses is a work of art, meticulously crafted to measure in exquisite detail. The experience itself is charmingly captivating – from the initial consultation to final fitting, it’s a glimpse into the delicate art of tailoring refined over centuries. Investing in a Savile Row suit guarantees a timeless masterpiece that’s not just clothing, but a cherished possession telling a story of craftsmanship and personalisation.

National Trust Mementos

Preserving Britain’s heritage through products, the National Trust offers a range of merchandise that showcases the country’s natural beauty and cultural history. From books and homeware to clothing and food, every item purchased contributes to the Trust’s efforts to protect and maintain historic places and spaces. Wallpaper patterns inspired by historic houses, garden tools for budding horticulturists, or delicacies from traditional recipes, each piece provides a unique connection to Britain’s past. Perfect for thoughtful, eco-conscious gifts, National Trust merchandise lets you bring a piece of Britain’s legacy into your home while supporting their conservation work.

A Final Word

In conclusion, immersing in the English culture extends beyond the experiences. It’s also about taking home souvenirs from England that bring warm cherished memories rushing back. Be it a delicate teapot, Sherlock merch, a football shirt, or a tiny London bus, each item is a token of a delightful adventure, as unique as your journey. Regardless of the souvenir you pick, remember each one tells a story—your story, filled with English charm and unforgettable moments. Until next time, happy exploring, and happy shopping!

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