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4 Common Reasons Ants Invade Your Home

Take a look at some of the greatest weightlifters of all time and you’ll be amazed to see that they can lift 4-5 times their own bodyweight. That’s impressive. But, the average ant can lift 10-50 times their own body weight!  Alongside this, they can survive up to 14 days underwater and they can even build rafts and bridges by joining with other ants.

Of course, on an average day, an ant simply wants food, water, and shelter. Unfortunately for you, they can often find all three in your home. You probably don’t want to share your home with ants. That’s why, if you have an issue with ants in your home you should click here and get your local pest control to deal with the issue for you.

It’s also worth noting the four most common reasons ants invade your home. Knowing this will help you to protect your home and discourage them.

  1. Open Food Packets

The moment you open a sealed packet of food it omits an aroma. In some cases you can smell it, in others, you can’t. That’s because the human nose is good, but not as receptive as many other animals.

Ants have some of the best nose receptors in the insect kingdom and they can detect the aroma. That will attract them to your home.

The best way to avoid this is to put the opened bag of food in a sealed container for storage. That will eliminate the aroma.

  1. Food Waste

Unsurprisingly, ants, like many other pests, can detect the crumbs that you sweep onto your floor. They may seem inconsequential to you but they can be a feast for an ant. It’s worth noting that ants take the food back to the colony. Therefore, if there are plenty of crumbs there will be plenty of ants collecting them.

Naturally, if you don’t sweep crumbs onto the floor they won’t come looking for them.

  1. Pet Food

It’s tempting to leave pet food down, ensuring your favourite pet always has access to food. This is especially true if you have cats. However, the aroma of this food is enough to attract ants and a host of other pests. You’ll quickly have a party at your pet’s food bowl and if you need service about insects and other pets which you want to control then contact here powerpestcontrol.

It’s important to note that the same applies to pet water bowls. It’s better to put food and water down periodically and then pick it up again.

  1. Leaks Attract Them

Ants need water to survive. If you have a slight drip from a faucet or a leaking pipe, they’ll be able to detect the dampness in the area and will come searching for water. You need to eliminate all leaks and any standing water. It won’t just stop ants from visiting, it will also discourage flies, mosquitoes, and an array of other pests.

Ants don’t generally live in your house, but they will come in and out often if you have the food and drink they need. Eliminate that, and the ants will go elsewhere.


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