5 Best & Influential Instagram Travel Accounts to Inspire you Explore the World

5 Best & Influential Instagram Travel Accounts to Inspire you Explore the World

Do you sometimes hate Instagram too, when you flick through your travel accounts and beat yourself up for not being there right now? What lovely photos there are! The lust for travel is one of the most vivid and vibrant emotions a person experiences. So for the sake of fulfilling our travel dreams and experiencing other emotions, we start to push ourselves and do something to make a dream come true (or stay in one place, thinking that you’re not going to get it). 

So we’ve chosen the best Instagram accounts to inspire you and make you realize that anything is possible, rather than getting jealous and unfollowing from all the travel accounts.

Of course, picking a few accounts out of the many already on Insta is quite a comprehensive task! But we’ve researched the most influential accounts and chosen the top ones according to the quality of the photos, the informative and engaging captions, the profile design, and its consistency with a certain “logic, concept and taste”.   

So, save from Instagram travel profiles the best for you content to a safe place, access stored videos/images anytime, inspire every time you watch them, and motivate yourself to get to the most beautiful or unusual place for you!

Besides, at the end of the article, you’ll find a bonus tip on how to download Instagram videos from private account (s), including travel ones, of course & download Instagram images to any device.

  1. @muradosmann

The account’s founder is a famous IG influencer, blogger, and of course, travel photographer Murad Osmann. 

The concept of his profile is stunning nature pictures and his wife, who shows off the beauty of a particular part of the world dressed in a themed attire while the photographer (her husband) holds her hand and takes pictures from the back. So the primary hashtag of the profile is #followmeto. 

Do you remember that viral trend of taking these kinds of photos? Well, this profile prolonged that tradition and made it its main trump card. Moreover, it makes his account stand out from the others — it has a certain concept and style of photo editing.

  1. @chrisburkard

A famous landscape photographer, public speaker, filmmaker Chris Burkard from California will immerse you in a world of breathtaking, minimalistic, and atmospheric images of the most mind-blowing and untrodden parts of our world. He has managed to develop his brand and has made photography his favorite thing to do, which he enjoys.

Besides, a profile is filled with video content that shows Chris’s most fascinating moments and journeys. So the concept of minimalist photos, together with lively and vivid videos of his adventures, has made him one of the most famous travellers.

  1. @doyoutravel

Here’s another example of the travel account of an Australian photographer renowned for his futuristic, luxurious, and warm shots of the world’s most beautiful and heavenly places. 

Known for beautiful pictures with his girlfriend (blogger Lauren) too, today, he continues his journey as a travel photographer but alone. Nevertheless, the concept and style remain, and the profile becomes more and more stunning.

  1. @ovunno

Born in Barcelona and already in his teens when he began taking photographs, Oliver Vegas is today an extraordinary travel photographer. He is a guru in his professional field with his own “travel worldview”. 

He captures with his camera the most unusual moments and, most notably the light. His shots and the profile as a whole look like a complete gallery of breathtaking images.  

  1. @lucylaucht

One of the most “unorthodox” photographers who rounds out our list of travel accounts is Lucy Rose Laucht, who grabs her Leica and captures the most vivid moments of life.

The uniqueness of the account is that it does not have one color palette or certain presets for image editing compared to previous photographers. Still, it has another and no less important — film, grains and thus the atmosphere. Looking at her shots, you realize that capturing and enjoying the moments is what’s most important in life. 

Of course, these accounts are public ones, but there are plenty of profiles with fewer subscribers but with the same fantastic photos that are private (it’s their own choice). In any case, you can upload any beautiful photo you want to save to a secure device to add to your “inspirational” collection without spoiling the quality of the image. Read on for more on how to do this below.

Bonus Tip

How to download Instagram videos from private account (s)? Or how to save video and image content from any public travel account?

The answer is online, or so to say web services/tools. There are many of them, but the core thing is that you don’t need to install them: just open a tool for downloading content you like more and then insert a travel account username whose content you desire to upload to your device. If you want to upload a separate picture or video from the Insta newsfeed, paste the copied link into a saver too.

Here are examples of such tools: IGMonk, AloInstagram,, InstaFinsta services to get content from private travel accounts; iGram, Save Instagram, DownloadGram, etc. are examples of tools for the content saving of public accounts.

Thus, you are free not only to browse your newsfeed full of stunning travel images but save them to inspire you to travel and capture moments in your unparalleled style.

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