5 Tips To Maintain Your Car During The Lockdown 2021


With chances of the lockdown extending due to the surge in COVID-19 cases, you and your car will be at home for a long time. Here’s how you can make sure it stays in top shape at all times.

The lockdown isn't going away anytime soon and that's why your car needs extra care

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The lockdown isn’t going away anytime soon and that’s why your car needs extra care

The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc across India, with the healthcare system collapsing in the middle of unprecedented number of new cases. While the country is once again going into lockdown mode across different cities and states, the right thing for everyone to do is to stay indoors, not just to keep yourself and your loved ones safe, but also to break the chain of transmission and to flatten the rising curve of new infections. But staying indoors also means leaving your car parked outside, and it’s unlikely to move for a few more days. It’s important then, that you keep it in the best condition possible to avoid any hassles later. So, keep your face masks above your nose and follow these tips to maintain your car during the lockdown.

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Do not engage the handbrake if you plan to park the car for a long period

1. Avoid The Handbrake

While engaging the handbrake is a must when you regularly drive and park your vehicle, it can get jammed when the car is parked in the same place for a long time. In order to avoid the same, it is best advised to not engage the handbrake but slot the car in gear instead. Manufacturers suggest leaving the car in reverse gear when parking downhill, or slot it into the first gear when parking uphill. You should also place wheel chocks (or just big rocks) in case the gearshift lever pops out.

car cover in rain

Use a car cover to avoid damaging the paint in the scorching summer heat

2. Use A Car Cover

Modern apartments come with a basement or multi-storeyed parking. However, if you live in crowded cities like Mumbai or Delhi, odds are you park in an open area or even on the road. But still, you can always protect your car using a cover. This is particularly important in the summer when the scorching heat can damage your car’s paint. Ideally, try and opt for a space that offers shade or is protected by direct sunlight. Look out for car covers online, you’ll get good deals and won’t have to step out either.


Start the car at least once a week to avoid draining the battery completely | Photo Credit: Ava Motive

3. Preserve Battery

Your car is at risk of draining its battery when not used for a long time. In a bid to prevent this from happening, it’s advisable to start the car at least once a week. You can keep it running for about 10-15 minutes or even take it for a short spin around the apartment or the block, as long as you are following all the necessary safety protocols. This will also help avoid a bald spot on the tyre. Trust us, you don’t want to run around finding a jump starter when you actually need to go out for a drive.

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Either use a rodent repellent spray or rat poison cake to avoid major damage to your car

4. Prevent Rodent Infestation

Parking your car for a long time can attract rodents that will try and make a home in your car. You’ll find them chewing off wires and eating into the plastics, leaving you with an unnecessary repair bill. You can order rodent sprays online and spray them on the commonly infested areas like under the bonnet, wheel wells, and the boot. You can also keep rat poison cakes around the affected areas. Several people suffered from this during the first lockdown and it’s better to prepare beforehand this time.


Check if all electricals are in a working condition and if there is any unpleasant smell in the cabin

5. Keep Doing Periodic Checks

There’s no set date for this pandemic to end, which means you are less likely to drive the car over the next couple of weeks. During this time, make sure you keep doing periodic checks. These include starting the car regularly, checking if all electricals work properly, checking if the tyres are inflated, and if there are any strange smells or sounds in the car.


Always remember to wear a face mask and gloves when stepping out to inspect your car. Ideally, choose a time when you are less likely to interact with people. You should also use this period to read the owner’s manual that’s been in your glovebox for ages. You just might learn new things about your vehicle. These are difficult times and with a little bit of effort and help, we can sail through.

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