7 Classic Places to Visit in your Wales Staycation

Wales has a lot to offer for first-time visitors. Wales is a land of nature, great food, extravagant history, and scenic landscapes. The nation has the best of both worlds, from mountains in the north to the beaches in the south, which makes it an excellent country for all types of travelers. One could easily spend their days scaling the mountains, driving across the country, or just visiting heritage museums. 

Wales is a great place to connect with nature this summer. The unique thing about Wales is that you can stroll around in magnificent castles, and the next day you can explore the modern capital, Cardiff. Moreover, when it comes to the accommodation options, you could choose from many chic and eco-friendly accommodations that will give you the full experience of a Wales staycation

Here are the places you can go in Wales

  1. Visit the castles

There are roughly 600 castles in the country of the whales, as it is also known as the land of castles. It is owing to the Norman conquerors that carried out extensive construction activities in the land. Some of the castles in Wales are ruins, while others are well maintained. Castles are a welsh heritage, and a must-visit when you visit the scenic country, the castles tell the story of the country’s dramatic past. You must visit Cardiff Castle, conveniently located in the capital, and Caregg Cennen to soak in the beautiful panoramic views of the black mountains. 

  1. Visit the beach

While there are many beaches in this coastal country like Porth Irgo and Whitmore Bay, visiting the beaches on Gower Peninsula has its own charm. Gower was declared as an area of outstanding beauty in 1956. It was the first place to be ever deemed so. You can catch the waves with your surfboard or have a susegad day at the beach.

Llangennith beach is a popular choice for many as it is a good destination for families and surfers. There are many cafes and ice cream parlors where you can sit and soak in the sun. Moreover, if you are traveling with your furry best friends, the beach is pet-friendly as well. 

  1. The capital

The capital of Wales, Cardiff, is a versatile city where you can do almost anything. One can enjoy activities like rafting and coasteering at the Cardiff International White Water. If you are a fan of sports, you could catch a game at the magnificent Millenium Stadium. But, if you are looking for a laid-back day, you can visit The National Museum of Cardiff and gaze at the splendid art exhibitions and art pieces there from around the world, or you can visit any of the shopping centers to get yourself a wardrobe update. 

  1. On-board the heritage train

Hopping on-board a heritage train ride is a great way to soak in the beautiful Welsh landscapes. Different railway companies take you around the Welsh heritage tour. You can experience the small rural towns on the journey, stop for a bite or click photos of the scenic lakes, all while relaxing on the train. 

  1. Museums in Wales

Wales is home to a lot of museums across the country. The museums convey the story of both the tragic and the good times the nation has experienced. One of the famous museums among tourists is the Big Pit National Coal Museum. When you visit the museum, you get a chance to go 300 feet underground in a non-functional but real coal mine. There are museums all around the country that tell a lot about the country’s history and heritage. Visiting such museums gives travelers the chance to dive deeper into the heritage, culture, and history. 

  1. Visit the Caves

The mountain ranges of Snowdonia and the Brecon Beacons are home to many caves yet fully explored. The network of caves and caverns in these mountain ranges is extensive. One of the caves that you must visit is King Arthur’s Labyrinth. You enter this magnificent and magical cave by sailing through a waterfall. 

  1. Explore the coastal line

The sea surrounds the welsh country on three sides. This makes it a dominantly coastal country. Find a quaint and charming cottage along the coastline to experience the real Wales staycation. A cottage by the beach or a cliff will enable you to enjoy the scenic landscapes and the nature of this coastal country. 

Wales is a country where you can enjoy the beaches, the mountains, do adventure sports or have a laid-back staycation. The country has something for every type of traveler, which makes it a must-visit. 

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