7 Watch Trends to Know (and Shop) This Season

From vintage vibes to bright stones and sleek metals, here are all the latest timepiece trends and the Citizen Watch Group brands that execute them best.

Watches have been adorning wrists for hundreds of years, evolving from simple pocket watches to intricately designed timepieces that show off the wearers style. No outfit is complete without a great watch, whether youre heading to a black-tie event, to the office or out for a run. Wherever your style journey takes you, Citizen Watch Group has the perfect piece to elevate it, be it from the chic collections of Citizen, Accutron, Bulova, Alpina or Frederique Constant.

For more than 100 years, Citizen Watch Group has been crafting beautiful and innovative watches, beloved by stylish people all over the world. Born from a collaboration between Japanese and Swiss watchmakers, each of its five brands is focused on craftsmanship and wearability.

“Over time, watches have evolved from simple timekeeping tools to symbols of fashion, status and personal style,” says Zahra Hemraj from Citizen Watch Canada. “Even today, with the rise of smartwatches, which we also carry, timepieces remain valued for their craftsmanship, design and timeless elegance—a testament to their enduring appeal. The right watch can take an outfit from everyday wear into a style statement.”

To help make your search for the perfect timepiece a breeze, we collaborated with the Citizen Watch Canada team and rounded up our current favourites. From vintage-inspired watches to smartwatches that still look sleek, across all of these brands, youll surely find the watch thats just right for you. 

Vintage-inspired styles

Nostalgia is a huge trend right now, and that applies to watches, too. Choosing a timepiece that reflects the vintage-inspired looks from the past will help you keep up with that craze. The Classics Art Déco and Classics Moon and Stars watches from Frederique Constant both boast that timeless elegance that still feels fresh. Bulova also does a great job of honouring vintage through its Archive Series, which is a collection of its most nostalgic models, infused with modern elements.

Bold pops of colour

Theres something to be said for a wear-with-everything watch in a classic metallic finish. But, this year, its all about bolder hues on the watchs band, the dial and even the hands. The Spaceview Evolution watch from Accutron gets this trend right. With a bright blue alligator strap, electric blue screws set into the bridgework, and light green luminous markers, its a bold choice that will always stand out. Another way to wear this trend is with the Tsuyosa collection from Citizen. These timepieces come in a variety of different dial colours to help you showcase your personal style, no matter the occasion.

Bright gemstone accents

As we come into the colder months, lift your spirits with colour. Combining classic jewellery codes with a sleek watch silhouette, the Phantom watch from Bulova ups the glam factor with a rainbow of gemstones along the bezel. Another, more subtle option is the new Icon watch from Bulova, which was inspired by Marc Anthonys legendary style and musicality.

Small packages

Although we’ve seen watches get bigger and bigger over time, this year marks a return to smaller, more subtle timepieces. Take the delicate Frederique Constant Classics Carrée timepiece. While its case is only 23 by 21 mm, it still makes a statement thanks to its diamond-set bezel. A slightly larger, but still small, option is the Citizen L Mae timepiece from Citizen. It tells a story with its mother-of-pearl dial, made of recycled materials from the shells of pearl oysters that are discarded after harvest.    

Hybrid smartwatches

As our lives get more and more connected, its nice to have a break from the digital but still get all the benefits. That’s the beauty of a hybrid smartwatch, like the CZ Smart Hybrid from Citizen. It has a sophisticated 44-mm gold case with a black top ring, gold accents and a black silicone strap, blending seamlessly with your style while offering cutting-edge smartwatch features. Its built with an 18-day battery life, AI-driven forecasting for fatigue and alertness, and compatibility with iPhone and Android devices. Truly the best of both worlds. 

Tough as titanium

While gold, platinum and silver are classic watch finishes, titanium emerged this year as the most popular metal in watchmaking. Stronger and lighter than stainless steel, its ideal for a watch you’ll want to wear daily, like The Citizen from Citizen, made from the brand’s proprietary material Super Titanium.


Whether its all-over black or a brighter white-on-white like the Marc Anthony Marine Star from Bulova, opting for a timepiece that keeps its colours all in one family always makes for an understated and chic look.

If you’re ready to start shopping, scroll below or explore all of the Citizen Watch Group’s collections: Citizen, Accutron, Bulova, Alpina and Frederique Constant.

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