8 Ingenious Ways to Document Your World Travels in 2021

8 Ingenious Ways to Document Your World Travels in 2021

Traveling gives us the unique opportunity to experience new things and make memories. However, just like everything else in life, these pleasant times are sure to fade from our minds with time. To preserve these valuable experiences and memories, it helps to document the highlights of the trips we make as best as possible.

Are you planning a trip? Are you keen on preserving your memories? This article is what you need. Below, we cover 8 ingenious ways of documenting your travels in 2021 and beyond.

Photo Albums

We live in a digital world; there’s no disputing it. While photo albums might not seem digital, they are still an excellent way to keep your travel records. They allow you to store your physical images easily for future revisits.

You can get creative with your photo album, customizing it to your liking. For example, you can include a caption section, where you add a few details (location, date, etc.) regarding the picture. You can work on your photo album on the go or when you come back from your trip.

Push Pin Travel Maps

A push pin travel map is a framed wall map that allows you to track your past expeditions and organize future travels. You can create your own map by following a DIY guide on the internet. Alternatively, you can purchase one from retailers around you.

Pushpin travel maps come ready to hang and in various designs. You can always go a step further by customizing yours with names, interesting quotes, and more.


If you are planning to write often, and do not mind sharing your travel experiences, consider blogging. Starting a blog today is easy, thanks to Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, or Squarespace. You do not need a cent to launch your blog on these platforms since most of them have free plans.

Social Media

There are tons of social media platforms, making it quite challenging to keep up. However, in this context, we focus on Instagram because it is arguably the best social media platform for documenting your trips. It acts as an excellent visual diary and allows you to capture exciting moments and memories easily. Better yet, it will enable you to share them with your followers and even the world.

Video Montage

Are you carrying your GoPro camera, smartphone, or video recorder? If so, remember to record videos and convert them into a montage at the end of your travel.  

How do you do it? Take similar shots repeatedly during various phases of your adventure. If you have a selfie stick, take a video while swiveling around slowly, focusing on the background. After doing that, place these images in a row to create a stunning montage.


You might not be in a position to create one while on your trips, but making one when you return allows you to document your highlights effectively. It is an enjoyable and ingenious activity that is sure to engage you as you relive your memories.  

Start by getting a book and opening a blank page. After that, put on your stickers and draw whatever you want. Alternatively, buy a scrapbook to spare yourself from the hassle. Remember, you have total control over the design process. If you wish to add any decoration, feel free to do that.

For the best experience, include your journal entries, photos, ticket stubs, cleaned wraps from your favorite foods on the trips, your school schedule, and so forth.


Writing an essay is an excellent way to relive and create a record of your trip. If time allows and you have a knack for essay writing, you can always write compositions detailing.


Postcards are an excellent way to send messages to your family and friends. Besides that, they are the perfect items to remind you about your unforgettable experiences in the future.

How do you get them? Postcards are virtually everywhere you go. You can find them in airports, retail stores, and tourist markets in various destinations. When shopping for them, look out for those with the same dimensions. This way, you ensure that you create an excellent display in the end.

Final Words

Want to make your travel experiences last a lifetime? We’ve gone over some exciting, ingenious ways of documenting your trips. No adventure should be forgotten, so remember to record yours the best way you can. If you have some exciting suggestions, feel free to share them with us below.

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