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A New Color For My Studio Work Tables


I’m on a roll, y’all! Yesterday, I got my two work tables in the studio repainted, and they look fantastic! I went with the color that most of you suggested, and it was definitely the right call. But let me back up for a minute.

If you’re new around here, you might not know what I’m talking about. A few years back, I built these two big work tables for my studio.

Each table is 5 feet square, and I can use them separately, or push them together to make one 5′ x 10′ work surface.

large DIY workroom craft table -- two tables that can be clamped together to form one huge table - 6large DIY workroom craft table -- two tables that can be clamped together to form one huge table - 6

As you can see, I originally painted them a bright green, which probably would have worked out great had I stuck with my original design/decorating plans for the studio. But as my plans changed, the bright green on two of the largest items in the room didn’t seem to work. So, as many of you suggested, I repainted the tables in a deep eggplant color from Behr called Black Sapphire in a satin finish.

This is the same color I used on the buffet in the breakfast room…

And it’s also the same color that I used on the doors to the half bathroom and storage closet in the back entry of the studio.

So yesterday, I gave these tables a very easy makeover, swapping out that bright green color for a deep, dark eggplant color.

Since the table bases were previously painted with latex paint and didn’t have a clear coat, the project was incredibly simple. I used some 150-grit sandpaper and gave the whole base a very quick sanding by hand and then wiped off all of the dust (this whole process took no longer than 10 minutes per table), and then painted the new color right over the top. For the small areas, I used a paint brush, and for the big flat area, I used a 6-inch roller for smooth surfaces. Since I was using a brand new quart of paint that had never been opened, I didn’t add any paint conditioner (Floetrol). I just used the paint as is right out of the can.

And here’s one of the finished tables. That’s quite a difference in color! 😀 But I absolutely love how this eggplant color looks with the wallpaper. It’s so dark that it could almost be mistaken for black in pictures, but in person, you can definitely see that it’s a beautiful deep purple.

You’ll obviously have to wait to see them in a clean, uncluttered studio. I have so many boxes of things that need to be put away, but I just haven’t had time to do that yet. So for now, you’ll just have to use your imagination.

So that’s one more project I can check off of my punch list for this room. I feel like I’m so close to being finished! If we revisit that punch list I made back on April 5th, here’s how that looks now.

  • Finish painting the ceiling and walls;
  • Install and paint baseboards; (in progress!)
  • Install and paint door casings on two doors; (in progress!)
  • Paint two doors;
  • Paint bases on work tables;
  • Paint desk and add two drawers;
  • Paint black parts of paint swatch cabinet white;
  • Finish wiring electrical outlets;
  • Add lights to cubbies;
  • Finish trim on office area cabinets;
  • Install window shade;
  • Reupholster desk chair;
  • Make pendant light; (in progress!)
  • Frame and hang landscape design;
  • Decorate long, blank wall;
  • Clean and touchup paint on floor;
  • Finish adjusting doors and drawers;
  • Install drawer pulls and door knobs.

The only two things on that list that seem like big tasks to me are the pendant light (easy but very time-consuming) and reupholstering my desk chair (which I’m dreading). I have looked and looked for a green velvet high back rolling desk chair that I could just purchase and be done with it. But while I’ve found a few, I haven’t liked any of them nearly as much as my current desk chair. So unless I come across the perfect green velvet high back rolling desk chair (which seems very unlikely), I’ll be stuck reupholstering the one I have. I hate upholstering furniture, but I generally find that it’s one of those things that I build up so much in my head, and spend far to much time dreading it. But then when I do it, it’s really not that big of a deal.

One thing I forgot to put on the list is to clean out the storage closet so that I can get that organized. The rolling shelves that are currently blocking the side exterior studio door need to go into the storage closet, but I have to clean it out first. I’m also dreading that project, but I’ll be so glad when it’s done. I always feel so relieved, like a heavy load has been lifted from my shoulders, after I tackle an organization project.

So I am getting down to the last few projects. I’m so anxious for this room to be finished! I’m ready to be done working ON the room so that I can start working IN the room. And I’m so ready to move on to the studio bathroom!




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