Android 13 could stop you being spammed by notifications


(Pocket-lint) – The first early details of Google’s next major smartphone software update have emerged and appear to indicate that Android 13 is going to deal with pesky notifications. 

In Android 13 – codenamed ‘Tiramisu’ – it looks as though each app will need to offer notifications as an opt-in feature when you install it, rather than just having them on by default. 

The hint in the code was discovered by XDA Developers who found a runtime permisson for “post notifications”, which suggests that apps will need to ask you first whether they can send notifications or not. 

This means notifications could be among those early app set up pop-up permissons like allowing the app to access your camera, mic and location details. 

Another new addition discovered shows the ability to choose a language on a per-app basis. So if you want to read all your news and browse the web in Spanish, but use an app like WhatsApp or Telegram to communicate primarily in English, you can have each app in its own language. 

Lastly, it appears Android 13 is also going to allow users to toggle a change in the appearance of the lock screen clock. It’s not a major change, but it will mean that having one big clock in the centre of the screen won’t be the only option. 

Given that we’re nearly a year away from Android 13 being official, there’s a always a possibility that these new features may not be there when it’s finally available to the public. 

What’s more, with the first developer preview still likely being a few months away, they might not even be in that first beta for developers. Plans do change, and software features often appear and then disappear between development and final release. 

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