Best Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra cases for 2021

(Pocket-lint) – Samsung has kicked off the year by showing off its latest roster of superb flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S21 line, comprising the Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra.

They’re all striking and attractive phones, especially with that new wraparound camera bump drawing the eye, but they’re also pricey items that you’ll probably want to be pretty careful with. If you’re looking to pick up one of these new flagships, you’ll want a case to go with it – that’s why we’ve gathered a selection of the very best available for you, right here. 


Samsung Smart Clear View Cover with S Pen


If you’re going full-bore and getting the Galaxy S21 Ultra, this might just be the ideal case – it incorporates some of the phone’s smartest features, and has the space to hold the Galaxy S Pen, which unlocks so much potential.

You get solid protection and a window through which the display will show key information, plus a stylish, understated look.


Samsung Clear Cover


This is the simplest possible case for the S21 – Samsung’s own official plastic sleeve gives it a thin, almost impossible to see layer of protection.

That means it won’t do a huge amount to protect from big drops, but it makes a difference on the scratching front, without impacting on the design of the phone much at all, while letting your choice of colour shine through. 


Mous Limitless 3.0

Mous is always quick to react to new launches, and it’s already got a version of its most popular case ready, the Limitless 3.0. It’s a superb option if you’re looking for real protection from drops and scratches.

Best of all, you can grab it in a few different finishes according to your taste, from the Aramid Fibre pictured here to wood finishes for a more rustic feel. 


Samsung Kvadrat Cover


If you want a similarly substantial case, and fancy an interesting texture to grip onto, this official case from Samsung could be perfect. 

It returns from the S20 lineup to bring a textured, fabric finish to your case, with a delightful herringbone-ish pattern that’s really easy on the eye. For now, it’s one of the most stylish options available. 


Incipio Duo

This case from Incipio does a good job of marrying style with protection, available in red, blue and black. It’s slim and sleek, and adds almost no bulk to your phone at all, but protects from drops up to 12 feet.

That’s more than enough for most people’s everyday use, and cleverly-raised bezels also protect the phone’s screen from scratches, making this a really great all-round choice. 


Tech21 Evo Clear

Again, though, there’s a lot to be said for a clear case that lets your phone look the part on its own merits, and that’s what the Evo Clear case from Tech21 aims for. You get 10-foot drop protection from this clear plastic case.

It’s impressively thin, but packs ridged bumpers on the rounded corners to protect them most of all, and Tech21’s UV-resistance should mean that it’s resistant to yellowing over time, too. 


Speck Presidio Perfect Clear


There are multiple options out there, though, if you’re looking for a clear case, and another great one is offered up by Speck in the form of the Presidio Perfect Clear. Its cases aren’t all see-through but are all really protective and sleek.

Still, we love the Perfect Clear most of all, for how smoothly and nicely it protects the S21 without bumping up its profile by much at all. 13-foot drop protection means that it still brings a really impressive amount of armour on board, though. 


Gear4 Copenhagen


If you want to be conscious of the environment as you make your choice, you could do a lot worse than this case from Gear4, which is the first ever case to be made with recycled D3O plant-based material. It’s a great step forward, but also looks really excellent. 

The subtly textured finish on the back of the phone makes it easy to hold, and 13-foot drop protection means it’s solid where it counts. 


Samsung LED Cover

Finally, this smart case from Samsung brings the best of a few worlds, keeping things sleek and simple but adding some LEDs on the back of the phone to give you hints about what might be happening. 

They’re really useful for notifications, and there are multiple icons you can choose from to personalise your experience. All this, and some added protection, too!

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.

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