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Check In With Your Makeup-Loving Friends…


Sunscreen and bare skin…in yet another picture that I probably shouldn’t be sharing on the Internet, hahaha!

Check in with your makeup-loving friends, because, chances are they’re wearing very little makeup, or no makeup at all, LOL!

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve had a conversation over the past few months with a makeup-loving friend or a bonafide beauty buddy that included the phrase, “I really haven’t been wearing any makeup lately.”

Seems like everyone I know who normally loves painting their face is currently primarily sticking to sunscreen and a smile these days, and that includes yours truly.

I’m sitting here writing this post completely bare-faced, and ya know what? I’m cool with it, even though not wearing a lot of makeup has made coming up with ideas for Makeup and Beauty Blog posts…more challenging. (Side note: MBB turns 14 years old this February! OMG!)

The last full face of makeup I wore was about a week ago. It was a 15-minute variation of this matte brown eye look with coral-pink cheeks (MAC Warm Soul Blush) and lips (Honest Beauty Happiness Liquid Lipstick).

k honest beauty happiness jan 2021
Gray hair, don’t care

I also busted out a long-time foundation favorite of mine that I haven’t used in a while, MAC Face and Body, a.k.a. LOVE OF MY LIFE.

I’ve been OBSESSED with this liquid foundation for years, and using it last week reminded me why! Whenever I drift away from it and temporarily land on a different product, it usually looks heavy or obvious. But MAC Face and Body always comes through. It has the perfect amount of sheer, natural-looking coverage, and it’s so lightweight that I can’t even feel it.

I think it looks particularly fetching with a touch of MAC Mineralize Skinfinish powder dusted on top…

mac face and body

Let it be known that I haven’t entirely stopped wearing a full-face of makeup. 😀 I still like to wear a little, like very scaled-down eyes with just a brow pencil, mascara and liner.

Lately, my liner of choice has been a dependable workhorse — one of the skinny waterproof Chanel twist-up pencils from the Stylo Yeux line. I’ve been all about Blackwood, which is a rich matte dark brown that’s great for tightlining, but I also love good ol’ Noir Intense and Espresso.

chanel stylo yeux swatches noir intense espresso black wood
Chanel Stylo Yeux faves

So, friend, where are you right now on the makeup continuum? What have you been wearing as of late?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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