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Clive Davis Bell’s palsy diagnosis: What to know about the condition


Clive Davis’ rep told Page Six that the record industry legend would be postponing the second half a planned virtual pre-Grammys party following a Bell’s palsy diagnosis. Sean Cassidy told the outlet that 88-year-old Davis is currently being treated with antibiotics and steroids and “is expected to recover within six to eight weeks.”

Recovery for patients diagnosed with Bell’s palsy typically takes between two weeks to six months from the onset of symptoms, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine, and in rare cases, it may never go away. For the majority that do recover, most regain full facial strength and expression.

In light of the diagnosis, Davis has postponed the second half of his pre-Grammys gala.

In light of the diagnosis, Davis has postponed the second half of his pre-Grammys gala.
(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

It can strike anyone at any age, but most often occurs in pregnant women, people with diabetes or in patients with influenza, a cold, or other upper respiratory ailment. It may also occur in patients diagnosed with Lyme disease, Guillain-Barre syndrome, after an injury, sarcoidosis multiple sclerosis or a viral infection. The cause is not known, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine, but it may be related to inflammation directed by the body’s immune system against the neve controlling facial movement.


The condition may cause loss of feeling in the face, disordered facial movement, headache, tearing, drooling, loss of sense of taste, hypersensitivity to sound, and inability to close the eye, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. A diagnosis is typically made through symptom evaluation.

There are several treatment options for patient, including antivirals, physical therapy, steroids and heat therapy. There are also alternative therapies available for patients to try. 

In 2016, Angelina Jolie developed the condition. She told Vanity Fair the following year that she credited acupuncture with her recovery. 


Cassidy told Page Six that Davis is a week into his diagnosis and is looking forward to hosting the second half of the gala in May.


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