Cruising Croatia: 5 Things You Must Try On A Culinary Adventure on the Adriatic

Going on a Croatian cruise will let you revel in wealthy, scenic nature and beautiful towns. Here, you can also unearth a rich tapestry of flavors drawn from numerous cultural influences that shaped this country, along with the bountiful natural resources. 

From fresher-than-fresh seafood to flavorful olive oils and fragrant wines, each place will present you with its’ flavorful sensations. Prepare your taste buds for an unforgettable journey through the five must-tries of Croatian food.

Soparnik: A Traditional Dalmatian Delight

Soparnik stands as a culinary gem deeply rooted in the coastal way of life. Often referred to as the Dalmatian pie, soparnik holds significant cultural importance. It symbolizes Croatian simplicity and culinary ingenuity. 

Originally crafted as a hearty meal for agricultural workers in rural areas, this pie has evolved into a cherished dish.

This rustic dish relies on locally sourced, seasonal ingredients to create a symphony of flavors. Soparnik features a filling of Swiss chard, garlic, parsley, and a drizzle of olive oil — all encased within thin layers of hand-rolled dough.

Soparnik - Croatian food

Where to Try Soparnik

While soparnik can be found throughout Croatia, the coastal towns of Split and Trogir are renowned for their authentic renditions. Local bakeries and family-run restaurants proudly serve up freshly baked soparnik (still crafted by the hands of local grandmothers), allowing visitors to experience its true essence.

Oysters Of Ston Bay: A Seafood Lover’s Paradise

Oyster farming in Stone Bay dates back centuries and is linked to the area’s marine heritage. Local fishermen have perfected the art of nurturing these prized seashells in the nutrient-rich waters of the Adriatic. All with the goal of creating a sustainable supply for generations to come. Today the area stands as a beacon of excellence in oyster farming, producing some of the finest mollusks craved by seafood enthusiasts around the world. 

Stone Bay oystersStone Bay oysters

The essence of unmatched freshness and a pure maritime atmosphere is where it’s at.  With each succulent bite, diners are treated to a symphony of briny notes, complemented by a delicate sweetness lingering on the palate.

Best Way to Enjoy

These exquisite oysters can be enjoyed au naturel, with just a squeeze of lemon (as the locals do), or grilled to perfection.

Peka: A Slow-Cooked Delicacy

Few cooking methods seize the essence out of ingredients quite like the famed Peka. Originating from the Dalmatian coast, Peka baking is a centuries-old method revered for its capability to transform simple veggies and meats into mouthwatering extravaganza. 

At the heart of it lies the methodical process of slow-cooking meat, veggies, and fragrant herbs underneath a bell-formed lid made from iron or clay. The substances are carefully layered in a shallow pan before being covered with the Peka lid. Over several hours, the gentle warmth from the embers envelops the ingredients, coaxing out their natural flavors, and infusing them with a wealthy, smoky aroma.

What sets Peka apart is the extraordinary depth of taste and tenderness achieved via this technique.

Peka being cooked in a bell lid made from ironPeka being cooked in a bell lid made from iron

Where to Experience Peka?

Vis Island serves as the perfect backdrop for indulging in the culinary delights of Peka. Here, you can seek out local restaurants or even arrange for a private dining experience in a traditional Vis home and witness firsthand the time-honored art of Peka cooking.

The Pag Cheese: Island’s Authentic Milky Vibe

The rugged landscapes of Pag hide a unique culinary treasure — sheep’s cheese infused with the essence of the island’s salty air, Bura wind, and distinctive vegetation. Here, local sheep graze on the hearty vegetation, yielding milk imbued with flavors found nowhere else.

For centuries, the skilled hands of generations have crafted sheep’s cheese on this island. It results in wheels of unparalleled quality that grace the shelves of traditional stone houses scattered across the fields. Matured for up to 18 months, the cheese develops a texture similar to that of Parmesan. Its flavor reflects the island’s terroir and craftsmanship.

Paški Sir Beyond the Island

Paški sir can be found in bustling markets and esteemed restaurants across the country. This cheese offers a true taste of Croatian tradition, wherever it may be enjoyed.

Truffles – Istrian Gems

Truffles are prized fungi in Istria, and truffle hunting and cultivation play an important role in the region’s identity.

In Istria you can immerse yourself in spectacular forests as experienced truffle hunters and their trusty canine companions guide you through the art of truffle hunting. Discover the secrets of this natural and culinary rarity and sample fresh-cut truffles paired with fine local wines and artisanal cheeses.

Truffle spaghettiTruffle spaghetti

Where to Try?

For discerning truffle enthusiasts, keep an eye out for restaurants bearing the “Tartufo vero” sign. It indicates that they adhere to Istria’s stringent standards for handling and serving this exquisite delicacy. It’s a promise of a truly exceptional dining experience.

Exploring Zagreb Štrukli: A Taste of the Capital

In Croatia, there are a lot of options to combine cruises with land tours — and for good reason! Croatia’s inland offers just as much culinary riches as the seaside areas do. 

Zagreb Strukli stands as a culinary symbol of Croatia’s culinary heritage. The flaky pastry is generously stuffed with fresh cheese, eggs, sour cream, and a blend of spices. Baked to a perfect golden brown, it delivers a dish that is both visually appealing and delicious!

Zagreb StrukliZagreb Strukli

Best Way  to Indulge

Be sure to venture into Zagreb’s historic Upper Town, where quaint eateries and cozy bistros beckon with promises of warm hospitality and authentic flavors. And we have to mention La Struk — completely dedicated to this dish.  You can also try and go on a gourmet history walk in Zagreb, where you’ll get to learn how to make this Croatian favorite at home!


Cruising Croatia offers the opportunity to explore the delicacies and culinary traditions of this Mediterranean region. From sampling fresh seafood on the Adriatic coast to experiencing the flavors inland, each station on this journey reveals a new chapter in Croatia’s culinary story. Let the flavors of Croatia surprise you on a culinary journey like no other.

Christy Kranjec is the founder of Always Croatia — a place where curated land and sea cruise adventures to Croatia are being created! Her love for the country goes back to her Croatian roots, which she combined with her entrepreneurial spirit to bring Croatian beauties closer to the World. 

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