Do Chickens Eat Bugs? How To Use Poultry As Pest Control


What bugs do chickens eat? Luckily for the gardener, they chow down on many of the more invasive and damaging varieties of insects.

In addition to being excellent pets, using chickens for garden pest control allows you to grow without the dangers of pesticides. Keeping backyard garden chickens can be a rewarding pastime with the added bonus of fresh eggs from just outside your door.

Are Chickens Good for Pest Control?

Keeping chickens often necessitates supplementing their diet with a store-bought or DIY chicken feed for optimal nutrition. But the organic garden is rife with other great foodstuffs for chickens.

Chickens are omnivores, meaning they will eat almost anything edible. Foraging in the garden, they will find grasses and other vegetation, seeds, nuts, fruits, vegetables, mice, and other items. They also need a source of protein, and insects and grubs are their preferred choices.

Are chickens good for pest control? Their pecking and scratching, lightning-fast reflexes, and keen eyes help them spot all manner of annoying garden pests. This will keep the pest population down and help save your plants from infestations and feeding damage.

What Bugs Do Chickens Eat?


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