Drafting An Oregon State Football Dream Team

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the first-ever Oregon State football dream team draft.

Here are the rules: There are 14 rounds. Managing Editor Brenden Slaughter and Recruiting Analyst Jared Halus get to choose from all-time Oregon State greats to build their teams.

The drafting order goes as follows: OFFENSE – One quarterback, three running back/wide receiver/tight ends, three offensive linemen. DEFENSE – Three defensive linemen, three defensive backs, one linebacker.

For the reasoning on each pick, made sure to check out the accompanying PODCAST where Brenden & Jared break down each guy in detail…

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Round 1

Jared – Pick #1: QB Terry Baker (1960-62)

Brenden – Pick #2: QB Derek Anderson (2001-04)

Round 2

Brenden – Pick #3: RB Steven Jackson (2001-03)

Jared – Pick #4: RB Jermar Jefferson (2018-20)

Round 3

Jared – Pick #5: WR Chad Johnson (2000)

Brenden – Pick #6: WR Brandin Cooks (2011-13)

Chad Johnson (Ocho Cinco) with the Bengals...
Chad Johnson (Ocho Cinco) with the Bengals… (AP)

Round 4

Brenden – Pick #7: WR Mike Hass (2003-05)

Jared – Pick #8: WR Isaiah Hodgins (2017-19)

Round 5

Jared – Pick #9: OL Andy Levitre (2004-08)

Brenden – Pick #10: OL Isaac Seumalo (2012-15)

Round 6

Brenden – Pick #11: OL John Didion (1967-68)

Jared – Pick #12: OL Jeremy Perry (2004-08)

Round 7

Jared – Pick #13: OL Kyle DeVan (2004-2007)

Brenden – Pick #14: OL Chris Gibson (1997-2001)

Round 8

Brenden – Pick #15: DL Bill Swancutt (2001-04)

Jared – Pick #16: DL DeLawrence Grant (1999-2000)

Round 9

Jared – Pick #17: DL Stephen Paea (2008-2010)

Brenden – Pick #18: DL Jess Lewis (1967-70)

Round 10

Brenden – Pick #19: DL Victor Butler (2005-08)

Jared – Pick #20: DL Dwan Edwards (1999-2003)

Nick Barnett (50) and Dan Edwards (98) playing for Buffalo
Nick Barnett (50) and Dan Edwards (98) playing for Buffalo (AP)

Round 11

Jared – Pick #21: LB Nick Barnett (1999-2002)

Brenden – Pick #22: LB Trent Bray (2002-05)

Round 12

Brenden – Pick #23: DB Jordan Poyer (2009-12)

Jared – Pick #24: DB Brandon Browner (2002-2004)

Round 13

Reggie Tongue (25)
Reggie Tongue (25) (AP)

Jared – Pick #25: DB Reggie Tongue (1992-1995)

Brenden – Pick #26: DB Mitch Meeuwsen (2001-04)

Round 14

Brenden – Pick #27: DB Sabby Piscitelli (2003-06)

Jared – Pick #28: DB Dennis Weathersby (1998-2002)

Brenden’s Team

QB – Derek Anderson

RB – Steven Jackson

WR – Brandin Cooks

WR – Mike Hass

OL – Isaac Seumalo

OL – Chris Gibson

OL – John Didion

DL – Bill Swancutt

DL – Jess Lewis

DL – Victor Butler

LB – Trent Bray

DB – Jordan Poyer

DB – Mitch Meeuwsen

DB – Sabby Piscitelli

The Case For Brenden’s Team

I really, really, really like my team.

Offensively, my team would run roughshod as we boast the likes of Derek Anderson, Steven Jackson, Brandin Cooks, and Mike Hass. This is one of the better groupings of four offensive players that the Beavers have ever had and I’m convinced when they’re put together they’ll dominate. When you combine them with what I believe to be three standout offensive linemen in Isaac Seumalo, John Didion, and Chris Gibson, the offense should have protection for days…

Jackson will help anchor a punishing running style that will open up huge opportunities in the Anderson-led passing game for explosive playmakers on the edges in Cooks and Hass. This group could put up a lot of yards and points in a hurry, so I’m very pleased with how my offense shakes out.

On the defensive side, I’m really fired up about my group! Between Bill Swancutt, Victor Butler, Jordan Poyer, Trent Bray, Sabby Piscitelli, and others, what’s not to like? I wanted tough, physical playmakers on my defense and I feel that every single one of my defenders fits the mold.

All in all, I’d put my team up against Jared’s any day of the week. I love the versatility on offense and defense and feel that my squad is just a little bit better…

Jared’s Team

QB – Terry Baker

RB – Jermar Jefferson

WR – Chad Johnson

WR – Isaiah Hodgins

OL – Andy Levitre

OL – Jeremy Perry

OL – Kyle DeVan

DL – DeLawrence Grant

DL – Stephen Paea

DL – Dwan Edwards

LB – Nick Barnett

DB – Brandon Browner

DB – Reggie Tongue

DB – Dennis Weathersby

The Case For Jared’s Team

From top to bottom, this team does not lack.

From Heisman winner Terry Baker in the 1960s, all the way up to 2020 Doak Walker semifinalist Jermar Jefferson, this team features all the talent you need in Oregon State history to dominate.

There is no doubt that Baker, Jefferson, Johnson, and Hodgins will have plenty of time to make incredible plays behind the protection of Levitre, Perry, and DeVan – and best of luck to anyone who tries to move the ball on that defense. Seriously, best of luck.

I really like my team here.


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