Emrata Engagement Ring Is Now Two “Divorce Rings”

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She repurposed her toi et moi engagement ring into two stunning diamond rings.

Marriage may not be forever, but for Emily Ratajkowski, diamonds definitely are. On March 19, the model and actor shared the newest addition to her jewellery box: a pair of stunning diamond rings designed by jeweller Alison Lou. If the carats looked familiar to fans, that because they are.

Captioning the series of photos with “divorce rings,” Ratajowski revealed that she’d re-designed her iconic toi et moi engagement ring into two separate (and similarly striking) diamond rings. It’s chic as heck, and has us wondering: Is divorce jewellery about to become a thing? We’re thinking, yes.

ICYMI, Emrata filed for divorce from husband Sebastian Bear-McClard in 2022 after four years of marriage. The couple share a son together and the news of their split came after months of cheating rumours surrounding Bear-McClard. In the wake of her divorce, the model was seen exploring the dating pool, spotted out and about with comedian Eric André, court-side with Pete Davidson and locking lips with bona fide hunky pop star Harry Styles.

And, like any woman who is just living her life, Emrata faced backlash for her divorce and dating as a mom. And now, she’s hitting back at the haters by not only embracing her single status, but by celebrating it with some new jewels.

In an interview with Vogue, Ratajkowski spoke about the significance of redesigning her ring. “The rings represent my own personal evolution,” Ratajkowski told Vogue.“I don’t think a woman should be stripped of her diamonds just because she’s losing a man.”

Emrata is by no means the first person scorned — or liberated — to leave a marriage and take their rock (or rocks) with them. Historically, after the end of an engagement or marriage, women have kept their rings. There’s some debate over where this practice comes from, with some sources saying it stems from the (outdated and problematic) idea that divorced women are “damaged goods” and thus should receive the ring as compensation. While we don’t *love* that mentality (FYI, women’s value and worth isn’t predicated on whether or not they have a partner), we can never be bitter about the opportunity for people to reclaim and reframe their narrative.

Which is exactly what people are afforded the opportunity to do when they hold onto their engagement rings or wedding jewellery. While some decide to return the ring, others choose to sell it to purchase something that helps secure future stability (actress Jana Kramer famously sold one of her two engagement rings from ex Mike Caussin to renovate her home), have the ring made into other pieces of jewellery (like a a pair of diamond earrings or a solitaire necklace), or in the case of Sex and the City‘s Charlotte York, give it to a financially irresponsible and shoe-obsessed friend so they can buy their Manhattan apartment (ahem, Miss Carrie Bradshaw). In fact, many jewellers who sell engagement rings and wedding bands also offer divorce jewellery — redesigning engagement rings post-marriage — as an additional service.

Whatever people do with their diamonds, the important part is that it’s their decision; allowing people to take something that may have difficult memories attached to it and turn it into an heirloom that brings them joy. Alongside the rise of redesigning rings, many divorced people are making the decision to purchase an entirely new piece of jewellery to symbolize and celebrate divorce; whether that’s a ring featuring a stone from the month their divorce was finalized or buying an antique cocktail ring that says “I love me.”

All the girls are doing it, including Princess Diana, who was reportedly gifted an aquamarine cocktail ring after her divorce from then-Prince Charles in August 1996. The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, wore the ring during her May 2018 wedding reception. While there’s still speculation over whether or not this was a “divorce ring” per se, the royal did wear it predominantly on her ring finger in the months after her divorce.

Something that is new about Ratajowski’s divorce jewellery is the decision to separate her toi et moi engagement ring and create two distinct rings with the pair of stones. This was entirely purposeful, according to Alison Lou’s creative director Alison Chemla, who worked on Emrata’s ring. “The idea of divorce is a separation,” Chemla told Vogue, “so it was always going to be splitting the ring into two separate but complementary rings.”

The idea of celebrating Ratajkowski’s personal journey through her jewellery is a beautiful one, reframing her divorce not as a failure (because it’s not), but as one part of her ongoing story. And that’s something we can get behind. The diamonds don’t hurt, either.

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