Exclusive: Knix Launches Its First Shapewear Collection


“Shapewear is usually only worn on special occasions, but it was important for us to create a product that can be worn all day and any day.”

Since launching in 2013, Knix has become one of the fastest-growing global intimates and underwear brands, thanks to innovations in categories like period underwear, sportswear, loungewear, postpartum-wear and more. Today, Knix enters a brand new category: shapewear! After consistently being one of the most customer-requested items, the brand has launched Love Your Shape-Wear, a line of 18 pieces in three cuts (a High Rise Shaper Brief, a High Rise Shaper Short and a Shaper Bodysuit), each available in black and five different shades of nude. Unlike traditional shapewear, which can be restrictive and uncomfortable, the Knix Love Your Shape-Wear line is comfortable enough to wear every day and works to enhance the shape of your body, rather than hide or contort it.

Knix High-Rise Shaper Short, $68,

“The history of shapewear is that it’s a product that changes the shape of your body,” says Knix Founder & CEO, Joanna Griffiths. “What we realized at Knix is that there is an opportunity to transform this narrative to empower women to embrace their body versus trying to shrink it.” The goal was to create painless shapewear that offers subtle compression, rather than squeezing into shorts that are two sizes too small. The brand wanted to move away from the idea that shapewear results had to be extreme to be amazing.

Knix Shapewear campaign
Knix High-Rise Shaper Brief, $68,

“The fabric technology used in our shapewear products incorporates breathable, targeted shaping zones that provide firm but comfortable lift and compression, along with seamless edges that prevent dig-in and panty lines,” explains Griffiths. “By using targeted zones, we’ve developed shapewear that is effective without being bulky, hot or heavy.”

Knix shapewear bodysuit
Knix Shaper Bodysuit, $110,

Knix has also done away with the idea of the mandatory ‘before and after’ shots that we’ve grown accustomed to in shapewear campaigns. Instead, the Knix Love Your Shape-Wear campaign focuses on how customers feel in the products, above all else. “Shapewear made a big comeback in the early 2000s thanks to one of my icons, Sarah Blakely, [founder of] Spanx,” says Griffiths. “However, it wasn’t until recently that this second-wave revival started to take off.” This revival includes the removal of the taboo around the topic of shapewear, and instead framing the category as a layering tool — one that celebrities are also beginning to speak openly about as a staple in their closets.

“Shapewear should not be something that women feel pressured or shamed into wearing, but rather [something they feel] empowered to wear if it makes them more comfortable and confident.” You can shop the Love Your Shape-Wear collection starting today at


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