Freight Customers To Get Priority For Allocation Of Rake

The premium indent is an optional scheme for freight customers

Indian Railways’ Premium Indent Policy: The Railway Ministry launched the premium indent policy on January 25, in a bid to facilitate freight customers for timely delivery of goods through freight trains. According to the Railway Board, the freight customer will be required to pay five per cent premium on the normal freight which will be deposited in advance. If the rake is supplied later than the indicated date on the indent, the premium paid will be adjusted against the normal freight. (Also Read: Freight Customers To Get Priority For Allocation Of Rake Under Premium Indent )

The railway authorities had decided to stipulate the following guidelines regarding the Premium Indent Policy, by inserting few additional pointers, which are as follows:

  • According to the Railway Board, the scheme will be optional.
  • In sidings, the freight customer can indicate a date of supply of rakes and also indicate whether he/she will load if the rake is supplied after the due date on normal tariff rate.
  • A five per cent premium shall be required to be paid by the customer on normal freight. This will be deposited in advance.
  • The premium will be adjusted against the normal freight, in case the supply of the rake to the customer is done later than the indicated date on the indent.
  • Additionally, in the goods shed, the freight customer will be permitted to place a premium indent. They will receive a priority for allocation on two days as notified under the preferential traffic issued by the Railway Board’s Traffic Transportation directorate from time to time. 
  • The Premium Indent that has been placed once, cannot be withdrawn. It further stated that the indent withdrawal will invite forfeiture of the premium paid.
  • The Railway Board had also mentioned that the Premium Indent Policy will be inapplicable to restricted destinations as well as destinations regulated by quota.

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