Garden To Table Guide: How To Start A Garden For Home Cooks

The term “garden to table” has gotten a lot of notice lately. Eating from garden to table minimizes your carbon footprint, allows you to control what goes into your food, and saves money. The farm to table garden is a fun way to introduce gardening to young people and can increase the variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet. A few tips on preparing a site and selecting plants will soon see you eating your own produce nearly year-round.

What Is Garden to Table?

Garden to table is the practice of growing your food near the home where it is harvested fresh and brought in to enjoy in recipes. Small eateries made the concept popular by either growing their own produce or sourcing from small farms. Foods from the garden to the table were touted as healthier, but they also yielded unusual produce not normally or easily found. They also ensured that the small farmer would have a steady income while reducing carbon with short-distance shipping.

Benefits of Growing Garden to Table

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