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Glamorous Terracotta Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial


I invite you to try on terracotta eyeshadow if you want to know how to look like a goddess with just one shade. This tutorial will inspire your daily look.

Continue scrolling for the ultimate goddess look.

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Terracotta Eyeshadow Makeup Look to End All Looks

I love brown and natural shades because they’re great everyday shades that match all skin tones well and can be as dramatic or natural as you need them to be. But add a tinge of red in them and burn it a little and you’ve got terracotta – the shade that took over in 2020.

Terracotta is a beautiful earth tone shade likened to clay and burnt sienna. She’s a fierce color but also still perfect for makeup newbies that want to dip their toes in bolder tones.

What You’ll Need:

  • Mac Paint Pot
  • Morphe 35O Matte and Shimmer Palettes
  • Benefit Roller Lash Mascara
  • Hypnaughty Lashes in Smokin’ Hot
  • Makeup Geek Black Eyeliner

How To:

  1. Apply eye primer all over your lid as well as the area underneath the eyebrows. In this case, we’re using the Mac paint pot. A great primer will help eliminate discoloration as well as mask the veins on your lids. Finally set it with some powder to help your terracotta eyeshadow apply smoothly later on.
  2. Paint a brown to orange shade all over your crease, blending it upward in light swiping motions.
  3. Next, apply a more orange shade on the same area, but shape it into an oval or rounded shape to define your crease. Unlike in step number two, don’t blend upward and outward too much. Instead, keep it within the confines of your crease.
  4. Using the brush you used in step two, blend the two shades together so that they fuse together and to get rid of any sharp edges. As a result, you’ll achieve a totally cohesive look. This will also help you tone down if you think you overdid it with your orange shade.
  5. Now reach for a more terracotta or burnt sienna shade, placing it carefully over your orange shade. Focus it on your outer corner then swipe once going towards the inner corner. As a result, you’ll get a defined eye shape and a fierce look.
  6. With the same terracotta or burnt sienna shade, blend it carefully with the other shades higher on your lid with a fluffy brush. However, if you used a flat brush for this shade, just turn it on its side and sweep gently. If you’re having trouble blending or if you’ve made your eyes look too dark now, go back with your first shade and blend away with a fluffy brush.
  7. Paint a shimmery metallic copper to terracotta shade all over your lids, underneath your terracotta or burnt sienna shade. To really make the glitter and pigment pop, spray on some fixing spray all over your brush.
  8. Now go back to your second shade and blend along your crease line to get rid of harsh lines.
  9. Swipe on a deep reddish-brown shade on the outer corner of your eyes and along the crease, blending in a V-shape.
  10. Line your upper lash line with a creamy black liner. With a small, dense eyeshadow brush, dense out the line creating a smokey and dramatic effect.
  11. Apply the lightest white shade in the palette and paint it onto your brow bone.
  12. Swipe on a few coats of mascara to open up your eyes. If you want to add false eyelashes, skip the mascara for now. Stick on your lashes as the last step of your whole makeup routine and cap off with mascara to fuse your real and false lashes later on.
  13. Go back to the deep brown crease shade and color underneath your lower lash line.
  14. Smoke it out with a more orange shade to keep in line with the terracotta eyeshadow look. If the mood is right, bring it a bit lower than you did your brown shade. This will add so much more depth and drama to your eyes. If you have deep-set eyes, there may not be a need to do this additional tip.
  15. Apply black liner on your lower lash line. Just like we did earlier, blend and smoke it out with a small, dense eyeshadow brush. This will give your eye makeup a lot more drama, glamour, and a hint of mystery.
  16. Swipe on some mascara on your lower lash line because this look is all about glamour and depth.
  17. Finally, blend in some white eyeshadow to your inner corner. And voila! You’re an Amazonian goddess!

Finished Look:

Now that you’ve finished your terracotta eyeshadow makeup look, are you struggling with your complexion and face makeup? Swipe on some burnt sienna or brown lip shades to achieve a monochromatic look – you can never go wrong with this no matter how hard you try.

Opt for a subtle copper blush shade with pinkish hues underneath your cheekbones. Meanwhile, your bronzer and contour should also be subtle, delicately warming your complexion and still following the natural contours of your face. If you bring your blush and contour too close to the center of your face, you may end up looking too angular and have too much going on.

Because of the red shade in terracotta eyeshadow, this exotic look will look majestic with blue eyes. The contrast between the fiery tone of terracotta and the electric hue of blue eyes will bring out the best in each other. Highlighting them both, while playing well. Giving each other the crown, but wielding the power together.

At the same time, the natural hues of terracotta make it wonderfully and endlessly versatile. This will help bring out the golden flecks in hazel eyes and bring out even more ferocity in black or dark eyes. Brown and green best play together, beautifully portraying an ethereal look.

Make this look all about you and what brings out your most dazzling features best. So feel free to tweak some steps – remove some or add a few of your own, just own it.

Did this tutorial satisfy your craving for a fresh, new look? Feeling like an Amazonian goddess yet? Share your makeup adventures with us! We’d love to hear from you.

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