Guide for LGBTQ Travel: How to Plan Vacations and Day Trips

Guide for LGBTQ Travel: How to Plan Vacations and Day Trips

When you want to take your partner on an exotic vacation, it pays to do a little research about how LGBTQ-friendly the region is.
Visit the Most LGBTQ-Friendly Countries

The Netherlands and the US stand out as very supportive of this lifestyle when compared to conservative nations by religion or custom, such as many destinations in the Middle East and Asia. Other options are Malta, Sweden, Australia, Canada, the UK, Switzerland, and Brazil. Be sure you research what vaccines and medical screenings are required for each destination so you will have plenty of time to make preparations for exotic travel. If you are planning a trip to a foreign destination, connecting in bi chat rooms with local members will be your indispensable resource for navigating local culture and historical places

Best LGBT Travel Ideas: Where to Go

A backpacking trip, boat tour, bus tour, or train tour of Europe are some of the best ways to visit multiple countries in a week or two. Plan to arrive by air in a hub like London, Paris, or Amsterdam, and then work your way through the tour. Some operators feature gay-friendly tours or rent a car and consult a travel guide. Keep in mind that you want to ensure affordable lodging in every city. Popular destinations are Paris, Venice, Rome, Florence, Barcelona, Berlin, Vienna, and Copenhagen. Each city has its own long history of architecture, art, religion, and culture, which is truly international in flavor while also representing its native people.

Here are some must-sees:

  1. South Florida beaches, including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Fort Myers Beach, Venice, and Siesta Key. Florida is the sunny destination of tourists from around the world, not just world-class shopping, dining, beaching, or theme parks, but also for cultural attractions, museums, and scenic drives.
  2. The island resorts of the Caribbean, including the Bahamas, St. Thomas, and Curacao. Everywhere you go, people relax and practice a tolerant lifestyle. There is great local hospitality.
  3. The attractions of Hawaii, including Waikiki Beach, Pearl Harbor Memorial, Volcanoes National Park, and Waimea Canyon State Park. This island community has long supported alternative lifestyles.
  4. Rio de Janeiro, a gay-friendly international city, is something to see, including Copacabana beach haunts, Christ the Redeemer, Sugarloaf Mountain, and the town of Favela. Be wary of the vast crime spree often targeting tourists here, so you won’t be targeted.

Where to meet your new partner for travel

It helps to visit an online dating site to find a new romantic partner. Start dating for a few months, even up to a year, before planning to take your new partner on your overseas trip. The man, woman, or gender unspecified person of your dreams is living close by or in another city and enjoys the unknowns of messaging open-minded singles. This great personality also appreciates the LGBTQ lifestyle and wants romance just like you.

What is the Prime Season for Traveling

The summertime is the best time to go because you and your lover will find warm weather and lots of tourists in most destinations. It’s easier to blend into the crowd and get to know each other on a deeper level. Suppose you want to get away to a quieter spot. There are island resorts in the US Virgin Islands, the Mediterranean, Cuba, the Bahamas, and Hawaii. 

Getting Started With Romance

Find your way to this goal of taking romantic trips with your partner by first matching online in a safe environment. Getting to know people online at first helps you relax and build confidence before meeting in real life. Ask them questions about where to go and what activities are most enjoyable for LGBTQ adults in that place.

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