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What are you up to this weekend? Alex is making pasta bolognese for my birthday, and the boys are drawing pictures, which is so sweet. Once Toby was asked what I’d like more than anything in the world, and he said, “A statue of her kids.” He’s not wrong! Hope you have a good weekend, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Warm ankles are back! (New York Magazine)

A dog practicing faces in the mirror.

We got this family board game, and it’s been really fun to play.

Dame is offering 15% off with code CUPOFJO15. (Um, does this look like the most amazing thing on the planet?)

What I learned about love when I stopped being honest.” (The Atlantic)

This Moscow apartment has the coolest circular door frame.

Yummy soup.

Kristen Stewart will play Princess Diana. (New York Magazine)

An open letter to the folks in 2020 who allowed me to speak to them through my mask for extended periods while we waited for things.”

I’ve been hearing rave reviews of this customized face serum; can’t wait to try it. (Here’s the quiz.)


Plus, two reader comments:

Says Emily on the cutest book I’ve ever read: “More than once, when I’m bored in the car, I’ve thought, ‘Oh, I should call my dog’ (who is a dog, um, has no phone).”

Says LCS on what grief feels like: “My nine-month-old daughter died in 2017, less than a month after being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. The first two years were filled with a kind of wild grief. A while ago, on another post on this website, one of the commenters said, ‘My grief has not gotten smaller, but my life has grown bigger,’ and that has been a truth that I continue to hold close to my heart. I sometimes imagine my life as a house, and right after she died, her death and my grief were like the only room in the house – inescapable and suffocating. But over time, rooms have been added on – my oldest son’s growth, the birth of another daughter, a strengthening of my marriage after this profound test, new and deepened friendships, a job change, now a fourth pregnancy. I still find myself in the same room as her grief, and it is just as painful as ever, but this happens less often and I find I am able to treasure other parts of my life in ways I couldn’t or didn’t before.”

(Photo by New York Flower Group/DFL.)


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