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WeWork has seen a 10% uptick in enterprise demand since the lockdown.

The future of workspaces post pandemic will look and operate differently from how it has in the past. In line with these changing needs, companies today are increasingly opting for co-working spaces that offer flexibility and an environment that boosts employee productivity along with talent attraction and retention. According to a JLL report published in 2020, India’s flexible workspace penetration is expected to increase from the current 3.0% to 4.2% by 2023. This demand for flexible workspaces is expected to be driven largely by big corporates who wish to rapidly adapt to the agile space strategies, focus upon client cash flow management along with building a healthy work culture focused on the health of the workforce. With multiple business benefits, the future of real estate lies in flexible spaces.

Post the pandemic, we at WeWork have observed more businesses considering flexible workspaces and showing enthusiasm towards being a part of the WeWork family. WeWork has seen a 10% uptick in enterprise demand since the lockdown. Today as a part of our portfolio, 60% of members are enterprises while the remaining 40% includes startups, entrepreneurs and MSMEs. With this rising demand and our aim to serve our members with the best of everything, below are few offerings that make WeWork the best workspace for all.

Work Near Home Rather Than Work From Home

A recent internal survey by WeWork revealed that about 60% of its respondents crave the company of other colleagues while working from home. Through the latest Work Near Home model, WeWork allows its members to access all of the WeWork locations from anywhere across the country, thereby allowing them to find flexibility with a location close to home. This “Work Near Home” provides greater flexibility for startups, entrepreneurs, SMEs and enterprises, to cut down on their travel time, and feel more comfortable and safe.

“WeWork On-Demand” (

As a part of the latest solutions to improve overall member experience, WeWork announced the launch of “WeWork On-Demand”. WeWork On-Demand is a daily pass launched by WeWork India where an individual can book/pay one-day access to any of the 35 buildings across six key cities at a flat price of INR 500 + GST. WeWork through this latest offering aims to provide its members a comfort of working from an office at a location which is also near to their homes. With a 97% increase in numbers of users from last month, WeWork aims to continue the service in the near future and meet the market demand on flexible spaces.

Open And Outdoor Workspaces In The “New Normal”

Each day as more members return to work, a rising preference is observed for work in outdoor spaces that allow fresh air circulation. WeWork has 14 designed terraces across 6 key cities with all basic amenities that allows its members to work outdoors for longer hours. To ensure WeWork members work in a comfortable and unhindered environment, the outdoor spaces are designed in such a way that they are easily used even when it’s too sunny or rainy. Additionally the WeWork seating layouts outdoors are also revised keeping in mind the current social distancing norms in India.

WeWork For All

Keeping in mind the current uncertain environment, WeWork aims to continue with its existing three workspace model that caters to the evolving needs of today’s workforce. Dedicated desks and Private offices offer businesses the flexibility to increase or decrease the workforce as per market dynamics without worrying about lock-in period of the lease or paying fixed rents. Through WeWork’s flexible workspace model, enterprises and organisations of all sizes can adapt and change its working working hours for employees, making it easier for all. Additionally these customised solutions help in reducing the expense of running an office by approximately 15-20% and eliminates hefty deposits, long term leases and other expenses.

Safety First At WeWork

With safety and hygiene being a priority for all after the hit of coronavirus, WeWork is committed to the health and safety of all its members now more than ever. All the WeWork office spaces have increased daytime cleaning along with sanitizing all high-frequency touchpoints. Additionally, WeWork has revised the seating arrangements to ensure adequate social distancing is maintained across all common areas and workstations. Mandatory temperature screening, wearing of masks as well as enhanced fresh air flow through HVAC systems is adopted across offices. The recent WeWork Safe Program in partnership with Dettol to deliver industry-defining standards of cleanliness and disinfection is also a proof of the constant efforts by WeWork towards health and safety.

(The article is authored by Vineet Singh, Head of Brand & Marketing, WeWork India)

WeWork bears the responsibility of the accuracy and completeness of the above article.

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