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Honest Beauty Everything Cream Foundation and Honestly Bright Eyes Tinted Eye Cream: A Sheer Base and Concealer Combo for a Natural Look


Current sheer base situation: Honest Beauty Everything Cream Foundation and Honestly Bright Eyes Tinted Eye Cream

Connor Claire has been home with me this week for winter break, so I’ve been relying on these two base products from Honest Beauty because, if you’re in the mood for something cruelty-free and easy with very sheer coverage, check ’em out! They’re in the permanent line.

Honest Beauty Everything Cream Foundation, $21.99

This demi-matte cream foundation comes in a compact with a sponge, which you can use to sheer them out or build them up from sheer to medium coverage. As for myself, I have dry cheeks and an oily t-zone, and this foundation does really well on the oily patches. It also does well on my dry cheeks, as long as I keep it sheer there. When I build it up on dry skin, the formula latches onto any dry flakes.

I think if you are going to wear this strictly as a sheer base, you should be fine no matter what your skin type, but if you’re going for something with more coverage and you’ve got a lot of natural texture via flakes and whatnot, something like MAC Studio Fix Soft Matte Foundation Stick would be a better.

Everything Cream Foundation is available in 12 shades:

  • Snow — fair, warm undertones
  • Shell — cool peachy undertones
  • Vanilla — light-tan with warm undertones
  • Bisque — light-medium with peachy undertones
  • Beige — medium with cool undertones
  • Camel — medium with warm undertones
  • Amber — medium-tan with cool undertones
  • Honey — medium-deep with neutral undertones
  • Almond — medium-deep with cool undertones
  • Cocoa — deep with cool undertones
  • Walnut — deep with neutral undertones
  • Espresso — deep-dark with cool undertones

I’m an NC42 in MAC, and Camel is my shade match in this line.

Basically, this stuff is fab if you have oily skin and like a sheer base, with the option of dialing up the coverage.

Honestly Bright Eyes Tinted Eye Cream, $23.99

This tinted eye cream is packed with hyaluronic acid and has a subtle pearly finish. It brightens your under-eye area but doesn’t look heavy and doesn’t exaggerate any fine lines. I’m at the point in my makeup life where under-eye concealer is a tricky subject…because if I put too much on, I end up looking older than I am, but if I don’t use enough, I look really tired… With this product, I get a good amount of brightening and coverage, and I can get there without the obviousness of traditional concealer. It’s genius! — however, there’s one MAJOR downside.

It only comes in two shades. 🙁 BOO. I’m wearing the lighter shade, Sandstone, right now, but by late spring and early summer, I’ll probably end up having to mix some Terracotta, the darker shade, into it.

The final verdict? This is really good, guys, especially if you’re in the 40+ camp like I am, and you don’t need your under-eye concealer to cover you like a thick blanket.

Just wish it came in more shades!

honest beauty everything cream foundation camel honey
The two shades closest to my tan skin tone (I’m an NC42 in MAC) are Honey and Camel. Camel is currently a better fit.
honest beauty everything cream foundation camel after
I’m wearing Everything Cream Foundation in Camel and Honestly Bright Eyes Tinted Eye Cream in Sandstone.
honest beauty everything cream foundation camel before
Obligatory before shot without any makeup!

honest beauty cream foundation bright eyes tinted eye cream

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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