How And Why You Should Plant A Backyard Chicken Garden

A chicken garden? That’s right! Planting for chickens is becoming popular, as the interest in chicken gardening grows. Just this morning I was looking out my kitchen window and was greeted with the sight of a half dozen chickens pecking their way down the alley. A regular sighting, these particular fowl belong to a neighbor from whom they regularly escape. Perhaps if the owners would plant a chicken garden, the creatures would feel no need to supplement their diet elsewhere.

Benefits of Chickens in the Garden

Currently, raising backyard garden chickens has exploded in popularity. Not only is it nice to have fresh eggs, but you can control what your chickens eat, hopefully leading to optimally healthy eggs. Chickens are also great gardening assistants, improving soil, retarding weeds, and eating up pests.

Common Problems Gardening With Chickens

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