How to Become a Computer Programmer

Once you have developed a broad understanding of computer science by earning your bachelors, you could choose to go on to earn a masters degree. A masters-level program enables you to develop more advanced, specialized knowledge and skills in your chosen field. A masters program usually includes a research project called a thesis as well. Earning a degree can also give you opportunities to learn computer-related knowledge and skills other than programming. Let’s look at the different levels of degrees that you can pursue in computer science.

I believed that programming was the activity of an elite, a select few. People who attended exclusive universities and completed very expensive and long degrees. People who How To Become A Cloud Engineer With No Experience? had privileged minds who could do superhuman feats of mathematical genius. I have always found programming fascinating since I started using the internet in the late 90s.

How To Become A Computer Programmer And Which Degree do You Need to Succeed?

While it is true that some programming languages can be taught without formal schooling, a degree is still one of the best ways to go to enter the field. Check out how to become a computer programmer, which degrees and skills you’ll need, and potential jobs you can get below. A computer science degree is a common choice for aspiring high-level programmers.

  • Having certification in computer programming isn’t always required, but some employers only hire candidates who are certified in the products they use.
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  • Programmers can pursue careers in many tech sectors, including the fast-growing development field.

And there are plenty of free or cheap options that remove the economic barriers too. Succesful computer programmers possess a vast array of skills that can be applied in various workplaces. Apart from collaborating with software developers, they often lead the design and creation of software programs. Similarly, the role of a computer programmer and a software engineer are quite different. As previously mentioned, programmers typically work in a more specialized area of the development process.

Most Popular Programming Languages to Learn in 2023

This experience will help improve your resume and increase your chances of finding work after your education is complete. If you’re a motivated self-starter, you can also try to learn programming on your own from home. The internet is filled with online tutorials, samples of code in different languages, and other free resources you can use. By following an online how-to guide, you can become a programmer while learning at your own pace and setting your own curriculum. Computer programmers apply knowledge and skills in coding, languages, testing, software design and troubleshooting in order to complete their day-to-day work. Coursework in a computer science bachelors program usually includes the study of discrete mathematics, algorithms, data structures, and similar subjects.

Can I teach myself to be a programmer?

Yes, it is possible to learn coding on your own. You can use books, online courses, YouTube tutorials, and online communities to help you master the fundamentals. If you're sure coding is right for you, a coding bootcamp can equip you with the tools you need to succeed in this profession.

Building your computer programming career starts with developing some early job experience. Most well-paid positions are going to require several years of practical experience, so it’s important to start building your resume early. A technical institute or trade school can be an alternative way to learn how to become a computer programmer. One of the advantages is that a degree at a technical institute generally only takes two years, instead of the four years required for a college degree.

Bachelor’s Degree

The degree which is most likely to lead you to success in the field is a degree in computer science. This degree can lead to many opportunities such as a programmer, IT consultant, IT manager, games developer, multimedia developer and more. Similar degrees that can also lead to a career in computer programming include computer engineering, software engineering, and information technology. Computer programmers write code for programs that will be on computers. The process starts with software engineers designing a program, and then the programmers turn it into something the computer can read. From there, the program can move onto the next stage in the process of creation.

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Such programs take a thorough approach to studying the uses and operations of computers. They cover fundamental mathematical and computational principles, and teach students how to design computer software and hardware systems. This course introduces students to the logic of programming, laying the groundwork for students to learn specific programming languages in-depth in future classes. Many computer and IT positions pay above average salaries as well. For instance, the median salary for computer programmers is $93,000 (Bureau of Labor Statistics).


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