How to Makeup-Proof Sunglasses and More TikTok Beauty Hacks


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From smudge-proofing sunglasses to hacking hat hair, try these TikTok-approved beauty tips and tricks.

We’ve been told time and time again that in life, we should never stop learning. And with the help of our monthly deep dive into the wild world of TikTok beauty hacks, it feels like we never will. Since it’s officially mid-July, that means we’re due for another round of #beauty-tok approved tips and tricks!

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Last month, we were all about learning how to underpaint our makeup, Mary Phillips style, and whiten our teeth without aches and pains (even if you struggle with teeth sensitivity!). This month, we’re getting into DIY nail art, makeup-proofing our sunglasses and hacking hat hair. So without further ado, scroll on for the beauty hacks I’ve learned on TikTok this month.

Make your sunglasses makeup-proof

Let’s kick this month’s segment off with something short, sweet, and incredibly useful. We all know that wearing sunglasses over a freshly made-up face during a hot and sweaty summer can be a nightmare — but no longer! Racking up over two million views, this TikTok by @parmidarobateau demonstrates the quick hack that’s bound to change your summer for the best. To avoid having your makeup slide off the bridge of your nose and onto your sunglasses, tap into a translucent powder and press it onto the nose pads of your shades. The result? Sweat-proof, slip-free sunnies that don’t ruin your makeup. Finally!

Photography Courtesy of Laura Mercier

As far as loose setting powders go, this one is a holy grail. Aside from being used for this sunglasses hack, the Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder sets makeup for up to 16 hours of wear with a flawless, oil-absorbing, matte finish. Available in three translucent shades, there’s something for everyone.

Buy it here: Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder, $56

Get glowing with this butterfly technique

When professional makeup artists spill their best tips and tricks on TikTok, we listen. Celebrity MUA Lisa Eldridge shows us how to achieve glowy skin in just five seconds using what she calls the “butterfly” technique. Though Eldridge uses this method in between takes on set to bring a little glow back into her client’s faces, this hack is easy enough for anyone to try. All you’ll need to do is apply a liquid highlighter to the outer edge of your hands and press it over your cheekbones in a butterfly wing-shaped motion. To blend it out, tap it in with your fingertips. “What’s really great is that this [outer] part of your hand is the perfect shape just to fit into that [cheekbone] area,” she says in her video. “I believe that hands are often the best makeup tools.” Touché.

Photography Courtesy of e.l.f cosmetics

Get that “butterfly” technique glow with E.l.f Cosmetics’ Halo Glow Highlight Beauty Wand. From golden shades like “Champagne” to deep “Berry Radiant,” this product offers up a luminous pop of colour that’ll have you beaming like no other. Plus, its lightweight liquid formula makes it perfect for this hack.

Buy it here: Halo Glow Highlight Beauty Wand, $12.99

Try these high-maintenance makeup tricks for low-maintenance results

When summertime rolls around, we don’t always feel like caking makeup on — but we still want to look snatched and keep our brows in check. So what do we do? We take notes from Canadian TikToker @tarasigari and the summer edition of her “high maintenance things to do in order to be low maintenance” series.

For her full-brow look, she lines her eyebrows with a lip balm (or Vaseline!) before applying a tint and letting it sit for just five minutes. You’ll be left with bomb brows that only took minutes — but last for up to *three* weeks. As for faking chiselled cheeks, Sigari applies self-tanner along her cheekbones, nose, and eyelids (a technique you may recognize from our TikTok-Approved self-tanner beauty tricks story) to get a longer-lasting contour. We can confidently say that sitting through one high-maintenance beauty session is worth having a summer full of low-maintenance makeup routines, indeed.

TikTok beauty hacks
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Ready to get your best brows? We’ve sourced Sigari’s go-to brow products! From the tint itself to the developer liquid and applicator brush, it’s all available in one convenient kit by Refectocil.

Buy it here: Refectocil Eyelash Eyebrow Tint Dye Kit, $44

Achieve the aura nail look with a sponge

Aura nails are everywhere this summer, and now they’re easier than ever to recreate at home. Forget an airbrush, you can achieve this ombre pattern using nothing but two polishes of your choice and a makeup sponge. Following TikTok user @glossytipped ‘s lead, begin by painting a circle onto the back side of your sponge with the lighter shade of your two polishes. Then, fill in the centre of the circle with your darker shade before pressing the sponge into your nail to reveal the “aura” design. Lastly, clean up the perimeter of your nail with nail polish remover and lock in your masterpiece with a swipe of top coat.


Photography Courtesy of OPI

Loved the ocean ombre look from this TikTok? You can shop the same shades used in the video! For the turquoise outer ring, you’ll want to pick up OPI’s “I’m Yacht Leaving” polish. And for the inner ring, try “Charge It to Their Room” from the same OPI summer 2023 collection.

Buy it here: OPI Nail “I’m Yacht Leaving” Lacquer, $16

Hack hat hair with an elastic

Hair hack expert @mariaaiellohair strikes again with another viral video — this time walking us through how to avoid a face full of hair when wearing hats this summer. Using a single elastic, you’ll want to gather the face-framing pieces of hair from either side of your face into one ponytail, if you will, beneath your chin. Next, take that ponytail and flip it over your head like a headband to keep that hair out of your face before popping your hat on.

TikTok beauty hacks
Photography Courtesy of Goody

For styles that require discreet hair ties that you don’t necessarily want to be seen, Goody is our go-to. These ouchless elastics keep your hair secure and are easy to remove without doing any damage. And if you’ve got a lighter hair colour, you can also shop them in a clear shade!

Buy it here: Goody Ouchless Elastic Hair Ties, $4

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