How to Plan Your Trip: Tips for Gay Voyagers

How to Plan Your Trip: Tips for Gay Voyagers

Safety is a top priority for every traveler. Special considerations should be made when traveling as an LGBTQ. As gay voyagers, it’s important to keep in mind your destination’s attitude toward the LGBTQ community. It is so because experiences for gay travelers vary globally. Having a deep understanding of where you are traveling can reward you with a safe and enjoyable vacation or business trip.

There is always a need for an in-depth awareness regarding safety for LGBTQ travelers. The dating experts from this site prepared a list of travel tips to help you plan a trip, make it safer and more interesting.

If You Plan a Trip – Learn Out Local Laws and Customs

There are still loads of countries clinging to restrictive laws about sexuality and sexual orientation. Worse are destinations where homosexuality is such a taboo that it can get you killed. Stay keen on local customs as there still some homophobia pockets, even in gay-friendly countries. Take care not to be too open in such nations, and expose yourself to trouble. There are tons of online sites, apps, and international organizations that can help you check the legal status of homosexuality in the destination you choose for your trip. A resource with great summaries not limited to the legal status of homosexuality and reference to anti-discrimination laws could prove of significance. Again, stay aware of arguments that anti-gay laws in some countries, especially in Asia, are rarely enforced.

Don’t Fear – Know Your Rights

Just in line with the above tip, doing a little research may help you know your rights while at the destination. It is a great stride not to allow fear to take the driver’s seat. It is important to take a trip to bring up safety concerns and fears of discrimination, especially when you’re gay. The huge challenges of navigating sets of rules and restrictions and other travel complexities may exhaust your prematurely. This is a great way to stay safe and make the most of your travel.

Transgender people and other no binary travelers can face lots of difficulties in new countries. Some challenging instances would be traveling with a passport whose gender marker is ambiguous. Air travel can be a flashpoint for related discrimination. Research and take the necessary steps before traveling so that you are well prepared as possible. 

Choose Tolerant Countries

Picking the country you would like to visit is immensely important. It gives you sets of goals to work toward in preparation for the trip. Planning becomes easier when you know the country’s stand and its sets of laws and rules regarding sexual orientation. The more focused and concrete you grow with this, the easier planning for your trip becomes.

There are fairly above 70 nations that have restrictive laws about sexuality and sexual orientation. Find online sites that track those laws, country by country, and avail additional insight into countrywide travel warnings.

Connect with Locals via Dating Sites and Social Platforms

One of the best ways to navigate local culture and even find additional relevant resources is by connecting with local members of the LGBTQ community at your destination. Tons of social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., make this possible. These sites and other relevant mobile apps make it easier to connect and contact locals.

Rest in Local Gay Clubs and Bars

Once you’ve decided where to go, it’s important to focus on what to do in preparation. Part of this is researching the best local gay clubs and bars to rest. Take the initiative to research and filter performance venues and LGBTQ-friendly nightclubs before your trip. It should reward you with foresight on what’s on your events calendar during your stay. Finding queer comedy nights or fun drag brunches that puts you squarely in the local LGBTQ mix should not be a challenge in gay-friendly countries. 

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