Huge Cyber Monday Savings on Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering on Amazon Right Now


Tabletop gamers tend to do well on Cyber Monday when it comes to board game deals, but don’t always do as well when it comes to D&D books. That’s changed this year as Wizards of the Coast is offering a lot of deals on 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons books as well as discounts on Magic: the Gathering card sets.

These discounts are extremely chunky — up to 68% in some cases — so I would expect them to sell out quickly. If you’ve never played D&D before but you want to start, now is the perfect time to pick up the most important books. The Players’ Handbook has already sold out (though it may come back), but the Dungeon Master’s Guide and the Monster Manual are heavily discounted today and you can pick up both for less than $40. That’s less than one book normally costs.


Magic: The Gathering is an enormous game with thousands of cards and as such can be daunting for new people. Game Night: Free-for-all is a two- to five-player version of the popular card game designed to help you learn the basics and get excited by the game. It has everything you need to get started playing Magic, including health dice, five 60-card sets and tons of tokens.


Eberron is one of the best settings for Dungeons & Dragons. It has a decidedly more steampunk feel to it than standard D&D and uses artificers to create amazing magical contraptions, including a playable race called the Warforged. It’s a gritty realm, but one that I love to play my games in.


Commander is a game variant for Magic: The Gathering and my personal favorite. It uses more cards than a standard deck and they normally focus on one game gimmick. Commander is also much easier to play with more than one opponent so it’s a favorite among Magic players when visiting a game store. 


While I suggest you start with the standard Monster Manual, there’s always room for bigger and badder monsters in Dungeons & Dragons. Volo’s Guide is a deep dive into some of the rare monsters out in the world and gives some fascinating insights into their behaviors and how to fight them.

There are more great deals to be found at Amazon, but they’re selling fast, so grab these as soon as you can.

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