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Is Green Belt in Six Sigma Worth It?

What is Green belt training? If you are interested in acquiring the Six Sigma certification, then this question might be on top of your mind. You might also be getting confused regarding the worth of acquiring the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt™ certification after investing your valuable time and resources. Don’t worry! We will try to resolve and clarify all the doubts in this article.

People taking the online Six sigma Green Belt certification understand the worth and benefits it has to offer. But before moving on with the green belt worth, let us see what Six Sigma is!

What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is defined as the series of instruments that help in strengthening the processes of the organization. The Six Sigma certification offers individuals several belts to acquire and learn the skills. All the belts included in the certification are used for improving the deficiencies in the procedures of a company.

The main aim of the Six Sigma Certification is to authenticate people who have the desired capabilities of finding errors and eliminating them.

What Is the Aim of Six Sigma Green Belt™ Certification Training?

Six Sigma Green Belt Training is a certification course, wherein the candidates are taught certain methods which are important to engage in the DMAIC projects. The certification course teaches the candidates to recognize the issues and implement necessary solutions that can help the company grow.

The main aim of the green belt training is to suit the ambition, experience, and dedication of the individual as well as team leaders. People acquiring green belts have played an integral role in improving the performance of the projects in the company. Green belts are skilled individuals who intend to increase the efficiency of the organization.

How To Acquire the Six Sigma Green Belt?

In order to gain the Six Sigma Green belt, a candidate has to undergo Six Sigma Green belt training. The qualification for the belt includes the subject topics, qualifying the written exams, and gaining hands-on experience in the company.

A candidate acquiring the green belt must know how to use the methodologies. Candidates also need to get at least 50% marks in the green belt projects. The duration for the Six Sigma Green Belt is 3-5 weeks. This tenure can differ from industry to industry.

Now let us see the worth of getting the green belt certification.

Reasons to Get Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Green belt training is extremely helpful. Here are the reasons to get the green belt certification. Have a look!

  1. Play Vital Role in Company

When a person acquires the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, the company is benefited the most. Green belt training helps individuals play a vital role in identifying and removing errors of the company. Many studies have shown that the green belt can also increase the savings in the company.

  1. Improve Quality of Business

Upon the completion of the green belt training, the candidates will be able to analyze the process of manufacturing in the organization. Green belts take the necessary steps to improve the quality of products and services offered by the company. One can achieve the level of quality improvement by taking the correct action to prevent the projects from straying.

  1. Increases Self-Worth

The green belt certification acts as an agent of change not only for the company but for the individual as well! The certification course gives you certain opportunities to work in leadership roles. This helps in improving the leadership skills and communication skills of an individual. This, in turn, increases the self-worth of the person. Green belts are flexible in working in various processes and procedures of the company.

  1. Conformity

It is applicable when the company needs to review goods, the number of suppliers, procurers, etc. The green belt certification helps in holding competitive contracts that meet international standards.

A person taking up the green belt training can easily rise to managerial positions in the company. This certification helps the candidates in getting high-paid jobs, thereby experiencing quality management. Green belt certification also helps in increasing the productivity and credibility of the employee.

Here are the benefits of getting the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt™ Certification.

Benefits of Six Sigma Green Belt™ Certification

Green belt certification has a lot of benefits for individuals as well as for the company. Let us have a look at them!

  1. Strategic Benefits

The main aim of the green belts is to take care of and handle the projects with a strategic plan. Green belt experts are professionals that take care of complicated issues of the organization, thereby preventing other internal failures.

  1. Financial Benefits

The Six Sigma Green Belt Certification gives individuals confidence in finishing the projects on time by reducing the operations costs of the company. They make a layout of the costs before the project begins. These professionals use reserved funds to complete the projects on time.

  1. Consumer Benefits

People who have green belt training certification can improve the quality of the products and services, thereby fulfilling the needs of the customers. Many recruiters look for green belt professionals because they boost the company’s reliability. This helps in attracting new customers by ensuring that the best services and products are provided to them.

  1. Competitive Benefits

Six Sigma provides the candidates with the capacity to keep the performance of the business intact and ahead of the competitors. The green belt training is not complex and revolves around the process of decision-making. This gives the candidates the necessary expertise and confidence.

So, these are the benefits of Six Sigma Certification, which definitely makes it worth having credentials on your Resume. Let us now look at the skills required to become a Six Sigma Green Belt.

Skills Required to Become a Six Sigma Green Belt

Today, every business across the globe has started to gain value because of the technologies it uses. Many specialists claim that it is important to have certain skills in order to boost one’s growth in the market. Apart from the technical skills taught in the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, there are several other skills that are enhanced as you complete your course. Have a look at these skills!

  • Positive attitude
  • Excellent analyzing and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to take initiatives
  • Amazing interpersonal skills and communication skills
  • Complete knowledge and understanding of business processes.
  • Ability to manage the resources of the company and budgetary plans.
  • Being hardworking and result-oriented.

The green belt-certified professionals are flexible in the company and mostly do the decision-making tasks in the company. They ensure that the company is on the right path and is fulfilling the short-term and long-term goals. The main aim of the green belts is to improve team management and strategize effectively so that it benefits the company in the long run.

Now, as far as the green belt training is concerned, one can always apply to the best six sigma courses from the top institutes for getting the necessary training. The training will help the candidates gain competence that will ensure that the company grows. Candidates will learn how to use, implement, and apply the Six Sigma principles, methods, and techniques.


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