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I’ve Found the Perfect Pale Blue Denim Nail Polish, and It’s Only $8

When in Rome, a stunner of a shade by Duri. Tee: Nap Then Attack

I’ve hoarded/fan girl-ed pastel blue nail polishes ever since Hard Candy Sky burst on the nail scene in the 1990s.

I kid you not — my mind was BLOWN.

For you young’ns out there, this may come as an unfathomable surprise, but the world used to have limited nail polish color options. Yes, there was a time when you couldn’t easily find a bottle of blue polish because it wasn’t a thing yet.

Craziness, I know!

In my case, ever since that fateful bottle of Hard Candy Sky, I’ve been a bonafide creamy pastel blue hoarder. If you love ’em as much as I do, don’t sleep on When in Rome, a pale denim grayish blue by Duri.

A hidden gem 💎

Duri is a small, family run under-the-radar brand from New York, but you can find them at nail salons…for whenever we all start going back to them…as well the Duri website, Walmart and Amazon.

duri when in rome
Wearing MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in Relentlessly Red on my lips.

Duri carries a full range of nail products at reasonable prices, like When in Rome, which is just eight dollars!

What make it stand out in a sea of baby blues?

When in Rome has a slightly lavender-gray undertone, which gives it a moodiness uncommon to pastel blues, so it’s less like baby blue “It’s a Boy!” baby shower decorations, and more like an expensive pair of light wash denim blue skinny jeans.

Or, imagine the sky on a cool, crisp, clear winter day. That’s When In Rome. It’s moody yet hopeful…which sounds like me in a nutshell, HAHAHA! 😹

It’s completely opaque, by the way, so there isn’t any sheerness at all, and it’s durable too! I’m already five days in, and I’ve yet to see a chip or dent.

duri when in rome
That’s two coats of When in Rome topped with Duri Brush’n Go Dry & Shine Speedy Top Coat.

If you happen to find yourself perusing the Duri website, FYI, the pics for When in Rome look completely different than what I see in real life! I’ve triple-checked my bottle and also searched online, and When In Rome is definitely a pale blue everywhere else. Weird!

Still, I’m lovin’ the shade, and after weeks of naked fingertips, I’m excited to paint my paws again. 😊

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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