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Jahangir National University is scheduled to be released on 05 April, 2024. JNU depicts the story of a small towner Sourabh Sharma who is now a student of JNU. There he gets restless with the various activities of left-wing students who are anti-national and raises his voice against them. Sourabh

Holding the post of one of the counselor, he opposes the anti- national agenda of leftists and supports the work in favour of students of JNU; Which makes him gain the popularity within the students. Sourabh with support of baba keeps opposing all their anti-national protests and the activity of love jihad happening in the institute. In 2014, Sourabh wins the election against the dominating left wing party on the position of joint secretary of the university; Breaking the entire ruling of left wing, which was supported by the administration of the university. In 2019, while the ruling of Arushi Ghosh as president of JNU student union was announced by the government, to raise the fees of JNU students – opposed by the left wing students. The students supporting the fees hike were beaten badly which included ABVP students who were acting to protect them. Later, one night in JNU, ABVP students united and acted violently against left wing and that was supported by local bodies.

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