Jill Biden talks about her divorce on TV, says THIS about husband and US President Joe Biden


New Delhi: US First Lady Jill Biden spoke about her divorce from her first husband during an American TV show claiming that had she not gotten divorced, she never would have met her current husband, US President Joe Biden.

Reflecting on her divorce, Jill who was on Kelly Clarkson’s show offered advise to the recently divorced three-time Grammy-winning singer that she will heal over time.

The first lady shared some advice with Clarkson about healing from the experience and finding love again. Jill Biden told Kelly Clarkson that she should take one day at a time and things will get better.

“I want to tell you Kelly, I mean this is what I would say to you if I were your mother. You know, my mother always said to me ‘things are going to look better tomorrow.’ And if you can take one day at a time, and things will get better and, you know, I look back on it now and I think, you know, if I hadn’t gotten divorced, I never would have met Joe. I wouldn’t have the beautiful family I have now. So I really think things happen for the best. And I think, Kelly, over time – I don’t know how long it’s been for you – but I think over time you heal and you’re going to be surprised and I can’t wait until that day comes for you and you’re going to call me up and you’re going to say ‘Hey Jill you were right.’,” Jill told Clarkson.

The interview on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” also covered topics on education, the COVID-19 pandemic, military families and cancer research. 

Jill Biden had married her first husband, Bill Stevenson, in 1970, and the couple divorced in 1975. That same year, Joe Biden’s brother set them up on a blind date, and they have now been married for 43 years. 

While, Clarkson filed for divorce from her husband Brandon Blackstock, in June 2020, whom she had been married for almost seven years. The couple cited irreconcilable differences.


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