Joe Biden, family ‘locked’ outside White House due to this act by Donald Trump

New Delhi: Just moments after the Inauguration Day ceremony on Wednesday, the US President Joe Biden and his family were locked outside the White House. 

The awkward moment for the new President and the First Lady is being chalked down to one final act by the outgoing President Donald Trump administration.

It is reported that the White House butlers were sent home as the Trumps left Washington DC, which resulted in a mix up and there was nobody to greet or help the Bidens when they arrived. The moment lasted for about 10 seconds but it did not go unnoticed.

Several media houses have panned the Trumps for the behaviour and called it a ‘final petty’ act by Donald Trump. Though it is officially not clear what led to the delay at the doors.

It was also noted that the chief usher of White House Timothy Harleth, who was scheduled to welcome the new first family was abruptly fired just five hours before the ceremony.

The chief usher is responsible for the management of the building and oversees residence staff including construction, maintenance, remodelling, food, as well as the administrative, fiscal and personnel functions.

Former president Donald Trump has also been slammed by critics for not greeting the incoming president at the White House and in another protocol where the out going First Lady, in this case Melania Trump, introduces the incoming First Lady to the House staff. 

Joe Biden was inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States on January 20. 

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