LeGarrette Blount addresses ‘the question’ that comes with Josh McDaniels’ coaching candidacy

Retired NFL running back LeGarrette Blount thinks he has the scoop on why no one seems to want to hire New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.

McDaniels served as the Denver Broncos coach in 2009 and 2010 and then agreed to terms to serve as the Indianapolis Colts coach in Feb. 2018 before bailing at the last minute. That has left him in his coordinator role in New England. Though he’s had a few interviews for openings over the last few years — including being one of the two finalists for the Philadelphia Eagles’ job this year — McDaniels has yet to land a new job.

“I liked playing for Josh. I loved playing for Josh,” Blount told radio hosts Jon Marks and Ike Reese in a Wednesday interview on Philadelphia’s SportsRadio 94 WIP. “Josh is an amazing offensive coordinator and game-planner on the offensive side. I’ve never been up under him as a head coach, but I know that he has been a head coach before and he obviously has some leadership skills and a lot of experience in the game.”

But McDaniels is a disciple of Bill Belichick, which has yet to produce a Super Bowl champion — unlike the coaching tree of someone like former Philadelphia Eagles coach and current Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid.

“I think the question is the approach,” Blount said. “You get a lot of guys that come from New England that try to bring the New England way to a different team, and you don’t have those same type of players.

“Bill [Belichick] knows how to go get players that will fit into that and mold into that,” added Blount. “I think sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. And I don’t know how Josh would approach a head-coaching situation, whether he’d want to bring that or whether he’d put his own spin on it like [Brian] Flores with Miami. You never know what the idea is, and what they are going to bring.”

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