MA-10 Mallorca: 1 Day Road Trip From Pollença to Soler

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Picture this: You’re winding through idyllic landscapes, passing historical sites and breathing in the fresh mountain air, all while testing your driving skills on a thrilling route. Does that sound like a dream journey? If yes, there is one such captivating journey waiting for you in Mallorca, Spain. The MA-10 road from Pollença to Sóller is a true epitome of serenity, adventure, and natural beauty all rolled into one.

This is one of the most scenic drives I’ve ever done and definitely worth it if you’re visiting Mallorca.

About the MA-10 Road, Mallorca

Woman at a lookout spot along the MA-10 road in Mallorca

One of the most scenic routes in Mallorca, the MA-10 Road -also known as the Mountain Road- is a splendid 82 km coast-hugging mountain route in the Western region of the island. Nestled between the mountain range of Serra de Tramuntana and the Mediterranean Sea, every curve of this route immerses drivers in the magnetic beauty of the island, presenting a panoramic visual treat of lush landscapes, terraced olive groves, rugged coastline and magnificent mountain peaks.

Driving along this route is not only breath-taking for its views, but also for the exciting challenge it poses. Designed over natural terrain, the road is filled with sharp twists and steep inclines, making the journey equally thrilling as it is spectacular.

Driving Tips for the MA-10 Route

The MA-10 route requires a heightened sense of focus and alertness due to its varying road conditions and unpredictable turns. Here are a few tips for those planning to drive along this road:

  • Drive During Daylight: With no street lights along significant stretches, the road is best driven during daylight hours. Furthermore, driving in daylight will allow you to fully appreciate the ever-changing vista.
  • Mind the Cyclists: MA-10 is a popular route among cyclists. Be patient, anticipate their movements and pass them with ample space.
  • Take Breaks: There are several viewpoints and rest-stops along the way such as the Gorg Blau and Puig Major. You can use these stops to rest, refuel and soak in the beautiful views.

Must-See Stops Along the MA-10 Route


Tucked away in the northeastern corner of Mallorca, Pollença is a vibrant bundle of pretty old-world charm and breathtaking natural beauty. This delightful town ticks all the boxes – history, culture, and nature – setting the perfect backdrop for the exciting MA-10 route adventure you’re about to embark on. So fasten your seat belt for a roller-coaster of diverse experiences that this gem of a town throws at you.

Here are some of the best things to do in Pollença:

Calvary Steps

The first must-visit destination in Pollença is not for the faint-hearted. Climbing the 365 Calvary Steps to reach the Calvary Chapel perched atop is a tradition followed by many locals and tourists alike. Each step leads you closer to the splendid panoramic view waiting at the top. Whether you’re looking to soak in the morning sun or catch the rosy hues of the setting sun, this iconic spot offers a serene backdrop for peaceful contemplation and is an ideal place to marvel at Pollença’s picturesque view.

El Pont Roma

Next comes El Pont Roma – the Roman Bridge. Although it may not necessarily be Roman despite its name, this ancient bridge standing over the Torrent de Sant Jordi, is a tribute to Pollença’s intriguing past. This bridge, with its simplistic beauty, perfectly blends into the landscape and provides an alluring subject for photographers.

Plaça Major

The heart of Pollença lies in its Plaça Major – the main square. Lining the square are vibrant cafes, eateries, and local shops that encapsulate the spirit of the town. With a tantalizing blend of local and international cuisines, this is an excellent place to try some local dishes or sip a leisurely ‘café con leche.’ Keep an eye out for the Church of Our Lady of the Angels, a neo-Gothic architecture marvel that dominates the square setting.

Museu de Pollença

Before you depart Pollença, a peek into the Museu de Pollença is a must for history and art enthusiasts. Housed in a 17th-century convent, the museum boasts a rich collection of prehistoric, classic, and modern art artifacts. Also, the museum’s lovely cloistered courtyard is a sanctuary of tranquillity.

And this is just a small portion of what Pollença has to offer. Every corner of this town has its charm; from the bustling Sunday market that infuses life into its streets, to the music festivals that resonate in the summer air, to the old stone houses whispering tales of bygone eras. Ensconced amid lush mountains and scenic routes, Pollença is much more than just a stopover; it’s a harmonious symphony of culture, history, and nature waiting to welcome you.

Lluc Monastery

The Lluc Monastery or Santuari de Lluc is a piece of serene paradise cradled in the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range. This historic and spiritual haven is considered the spiritual center of Mallorca and for good reason. For centuries, pilgrims have been drawn to this place of worship, finding solace in its calm ambience and divine aura. However, it’s not just religious travelers who find a haven here. Nature-lovers, hikers, and bird-watchers have also found this to be a hotspot of outdoorsy enjoyment.

As you step foot into the Lluc Monastery, you’ll be greeted by a string of cobblestone paths meandering through lush green lawns and gardens, leading you to various points of interest. One such highlight is undoubtedly the 13th-century statue of the Virgin Mary, fondly nicknamed “La Moreneta” due to her dark color, which has been the center of pilgrimage since a shepherd boy found it in 1229.

The monastery also houses a museum where you can explore various installations, ranging from archaeological findings to contemporary art. The exhibits are striking, but wait until you catch a classical music performance in the Basilica. From the local children’s choir, known as ‘Els Blauets’ for their blue cassocks, one can expect soul-stirring performances that echo against the monastery’s ornate walls.

The surrounding Tramuntana mountains make for a beautiful backdrop, amplifying the peaceful atmosphere of the complex. Take a leisurely walk along the nature trails spotting a variety of bird species or just enjoy the tranquillity with occasional rings of the monastery bell and hint of wild rosemary and mint in the air. If you’re up for a bit of a challenge, hiking trails lead up to several stunning viewpoints like the Puig de Massanella.

After all the exploration, the on-site restaurant provides a great place to refuel, offering a variety of dishes, including traditional Mallorcan delights. And if you want to extend your stay, comfortable rooms are available for overnight stays, letting you experience the tranquility of the monastery in the quiet of the night.

With a visit to the Lluc Monastery, you get to not only connect with Mallorca’s spiritual side but also embrace its love for nature and arts, all while soaking in the serene mountainous landscape. It’s an experience that encompasses peace, beauty, history, and culture in one refreshing package!

Cuber & Gorg Blau

Cuber and Gorg Blau – two mesmerizing man-made reservoirs – are the next stars of your route. Snugly tucked amid the rugged mountain folds of the breathtaking Serra de Tramuntana, these bodies of water stand as silent and stunning triumphs of human engineering, merging seamlessly with the untouched, original beauty of nature.

Cuber Reservoir, the larger one, sits proudly at an elevation of roughly 750 meters. Its vibrant azure waters contour the cliffs of Puig Major and Puig de Massanella, offering a breathtaking contrast that’s nothing short of postcard-perfect. Besides being a crucial water source for Palma, it’s a hot spot for birdwatching. So keep your binoculars handy to spot black vultures, if you’re lucky!

A little further, the deep indigo waters of Gorg Blau, translated as Blue Gorge, await. Smaller but equally captivating, Gorg Blau is ensnared by rugged cliffs artistically mirrored in its calm waters.

Cuber and Gorg Blau, with their artistic blend of nature and human engineering, serve as perfect spots for a serene pause, allowing you to absorb the poetry of their picturesque landscapes.

Fornalutx & Biniaraix

Cobbled streets and buildings in the pretty village of Fornalutx, MallorcaCobbled streets and buildings in the pretty village of Fornalutx, Mallorca

Fornalutx & Biniaraix – these two captivating villages tucked away in the Tramuntana mountains offer visitors a sublime taste of traditional Mallorcan life.

Hailed as one of Spain’s most beautiful villages, Fornalutx is sure to coax a sigh of delight. Visiting this village is akin to stepping back in time. Cobblestone streets are lined with impeccably restored stone houses, doors and windows decked with vibrant flowers that add a dash of lively color against the ancient stone. The village’s small heart, Plaça d’Espanya, is home to the Gothic church of Immaculada Concepció, which dates back to the 13th century.

Cafes and little shops embellish the square, offering a place to sit and absorb the slow-paced life of this well-preserved community. The aroma of freshly baked Mallorcan bread and pastries fill the air. And to top it all, the village offers stunning panoramic views across the mountainous landscape and citrus groves that surround it.

Just a short wander away, almost hidden in Fornalutx’s shadow, lies Biniaraix, a quaint hamlet full of old-world charm. Less frequented, this tiny village holds a serene atmosphere as if keeping a secret from the world. Draped with emerald vineyards and olive groves, its old stone houses and narrow streets silently whisper stories from centuries ago.

Of special note is the ancient “Barranc de Biniaraix”, a pilgrim’s trail now popular with hikers, which winds toe-curlingly up the mountainside towards the magnificent Puig de l’Ofre peak. As you walk around, you’ll find the village to be a collage of rustic beauty, deep-rooted history, and rural tranquillity.


Your sojourn in this enchanting part of Mallorca concludes with a visit to Sóller, a serene coastal town gracefully seated in the heart of the “Valley of Oranges”.

Graced with architectural gems, the town is a treasure trove of modernist buildings. Among these, Can Prunera is a must-visit. Housed in a stunning Modernista mansion, it is a living testimony to the Art Nouveau period, exhibiting everything from intricate ironwork on windows to decorative tiles, and from period furniture to an impressive collection of contemporary artworks.

Yet another architectural jewel in Sóller is Casal de Cultura. Hosting exhibitions, concerts, and other cultural events, this historic building impresses visitors with its splendid façade and rustic charm. Whether you’re an art enthusiast or a history buff, both of these destinations offer a peek into the rich cultural heritage of the island.

No visit to Sóller would be complete without satisfying your sweet tooth at Sa Fábrica Ice Cream, an ice cream factory right in the town’s main square. Artisanal ice creams, crafted with local seasonal produce, make for the perfect refreshing treats. Whether it’s the zesty citrus sorbets made from locally grown oranges or the rich, creamy traditionally inspired flavors, your palate is in for a delicious ride.

For nature lovers, a visit to the magical Jardines de Alfabia is a delight. Nestled on the outskirts of Sóller, these Moorish gardens offer a serene oasis of exotic plants, fountains, and ancient trees. The symphony of trickling waterfalls, chirping birds, and rustling leaves create a soothing environment that is simply idyllic.

And if you’re in the mood for more natural beauty, the stunning Balearic landscapes that blanket Sóller are just a gaze away. From the shimmering Mediterranean Sea to the majestic Tramuntana mountains and the verdant citrus groves, every corner of Sóller offers a visual feast of nature’s grandeur.

In essence, Sóller is a cornucopia of culture, art, nature, and gastronomy. It’s a place that promises an immersive experience, letting you taste the sweet oranges, breathe in the fragrant breeze, and appreciate the soul of Mallorcan lifestyle. It’s no wonder they call it the “Golden Valley”.

Food & Flavours Along the MA-10 Route

A drive along the MA-10 road is incomplete without tasting the local delicacies offered in the roadside eateries:

  • Ca Na Toneta: Located in Caimari, this family-run restaurant exemplifies ‘farm-to-table’ concept with its menu based on seasonal, local produce.
  • Es Vergeret: In the historic valley of Fornalutx, this picturesque restaurant offers Mallorcan food with a charming view of the sea.
  • Sa Frontera: Popular among locals in Sóller, this restaurant offers hearty Mallorcan cuisine.

The MA-10 road from Pollença to Sóller is a roller-coaster of beauty, adventure, culture, and culinary delights. Plan your road trip carefully, ensuring to stop at quintessential villages and eat at the hidden culinary gems recommended in the guide. Spark off your journey on this delightful route and make memories of a lifetime! Buckle up, and enjoy the ride!

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