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Makeup I Wear For Frequent Sunscreen Reapplication Throughout the Day

Hello uber minimalist morning makekup!

I didn’t think my makeup routine could get any more streamlined, yet here we are, LOL! I’ve started skipping powder and base. I also mainly rely on my fingers to blend, and only use two or three brushes, max.

This happened recently because I went to a dermatologist about a month ago, and he said that I really should be reapplying sunscreen every two hours, and suggested wearing something tinted that could function as foundation.

Soooo, I busted out a tried and true favorite, Bliss Block Star Mineral Sunscreen. It has a slight tint and leaves my skin looking smoother because it slightly blurs pores; I also like its semi-matte finish, which I think looks a little more professional for work.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve been doing.

In the morning, I apply Bliss Block Star, fill in my brows with the brow pencil from Rare Beauty, then curl my lashes.

Next, I apply the Rare Beauty twist up pencil liner to my upper lash line, and then swoosh a little bronze Supergoop cream shadow on my lids with a finger. Then I blend the edges of the shadow with a fluffy eye brush. I finish doing my eyes with a coat or two of Rare Beauty mascara on my lashes.

Then, I dot and blend a little Hourglass color-correcting concealer under my eyes.

All the stuff I’ve been rollin’ with lately

I finish my makeup by applying a hot pink Westman Atelier cream stick on my lips and cheeks. I like to do my lips first, pat the lipstick down with a finger, and then take what’s leftover on my finger and blend it onto my cheeks.

Oh, and spray Urban Decay Setting Spray all over to finish.

At lunch, I do my first reapplication. It’s usually more like four hours after I do my first round of sunscreen, but I’m fine with that since I’m mostly indoors anyway. I redo the sunscreen, concealer, lips and cheeks. Then I set it all with a setting spray.

After my second lunchtime reapplication (I threw a little lipgloss on for fun)

Then, I do a second reapplication in the afternoon at around 3, which is right before I go to get Connor from school.

It would seem like the makeup would build up from all of the reapplication, but when I skip the powder, it actually looks OK! I mean, would I take professional headshots after that last round? Probably not. But it’s good enough to get me through the rest of the day.

Karen from 10 years ago would be shocked at the thought of skipping base and powder, but this is where I’ve landed and I’m leaning into it, LOL!

I’m curious to know if you’ve ever done the “sunscreen every two hours” kinda thing? How did you handle the makeup aspect?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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