Melania refuses to pose with Donald Trump, after WH exit; Twitter flooded with memes

New Delhi: Days after the Trumps exited the White House, the former FLOTUS Melania Trump seems to have had enough of the media attention around her and her husband former US President and reality TV star Donald Trump.

In a display of pure nonchalance, Melania Trump was seen abandoning her husband’s side infront of press reporters.

In Florida, after the Trumps stepped out of the aircraft, they were greeted with a usual flurry of reporters but in a shocking move, Melania decided to keep walking even as Donald stopped to acknowledge the media. 

The incident left the social media laughing and also raising eyebrows at the divorce rumours between former President and his wife, once again.

Here are some reactions hilarious reactions on Twitter:

One user put out this video with this caption.

While another could not help but notice a major difference in Melania Trump. 

Some even pointed out at her dress.

The video has once again sparked rumours of the two nearing a divorce — a rumour that has been doing the rounds for the past few months.

Many believe it was only till the end of Trump’s presidential term that the couple had decided to stay together, and now that the White House is not their residence anymore, Melania will soon be filing for a divorce.

Earlier it was claimed that by some former Trump administration aides, that Melania Trump is ‘counting the minutes until he is out of office and she can divorce him’. 

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