Razorback hoops targets react to hot streak, Bama matchup


With the recent success of the Arkansas basketball team–going on a 7-game conference win streak and entering their second week in the AP Top-25–HawgBeat caught up with members of the 2021, 2022, and 2023 classes for reactions to the hot streak and tonight’s ranked matchup between the Hogs and Tide:

I’ve been really happy to watch the team succeed. They have earned everything they have gotten.” – Pinion

On being ranked early in Muss’s tenure: “I’m not surprised at all, they have a great team and they deserve to be ranked.”

On freshmen playing late in close games: “I like that coach is trusting some of his younger players to get quality minutes. It shows how much he trusts them.”

The game tonight: “I’m really excited to see how the guys play. I think we will win this game and it will really show people how good the team is. it means a lot to be able to see this match up for the first time and I know everyone else in Arkansas is really excited about it too.”

“It’s awesome. To win that many games in a row in the tough conference that they are in is a great achievement.” – Ricks

“I’m am very impressed with how Arkansas is playing right now. I love the passion that Coach Musselman brings to his team. It’s exciting to see the growth of the team over the season.” – Moore

On Arkansas’s big usage: “[It] is very intriguing for me with my style of play. I would definitely call myself a big wing that can play inside/out and can shoot the ball at a high level. I need a school that would know how to use me the right way and that is how I believe Arkansas would use me.”

“I think with Coach Musselman it’s [the team’s success] not a surprise. He has a lot of experience at the highest level so him winning and moving through the college ranks doesn’t come across as a surprise to me.” – Walsh

On freshmen making an impact early: “It says that if you’re good enough to play, you’re going to play. It has a role in me picking my school.”

“The Razorbacks got an excellent program, I knew it would catch up in rankings. [They’re] just nice to see. Rankings don’t mean anything really. Whoever shows up to play wins.” – Shaw

On the freshmen being on the court to close games: “Coach isn’t looking at age, he’s just looking to see who is going to get the job done, so it doesn’t matter if they’re a freshman. They are recruiting great athletes, too, but yes, the staff does their job by progressing those athletes to the next level. The goal is the next level so seeing that progression definitely sticks out.”

“It’s good that they’re doing well in conference and being top-25. It just shows that the chemistry is getting better, the coaches are doing a great job, and the program is getting better and thriving.” – Blocker

On the Arkansas – Alabama game: “I’m expecting to see a good, competitive game. When I watch the games, I tune in on how the guards and freshmen are being used in Coach Musselman’s program.”

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