Samsung Galaxy S23 case leak may confirm camera bump changes

(Pocket-lint) – A new leak of alleged Samsung Galaxy S23 cases could mean a tweak of its camera bump – or more accurately, the lack of it.

A previous leak suggested that Samsung is doing away with the camera bump this year, with each lens set to protrude from the back of the phone individually. It’s a new look, although the rest of the handset isn’t expected to be a huge departure from last year’s Galaxy S22 model. 

Provided by Twitter leaker Universal Ice, we’ve been treated to two images of claimed Galaxy S23 cases.

The first is a purple affair, while the other is something that’s best described as lime green. They’re both an acquired taste, but they do also confirm the new cameras – the case has three individual holes, one for each camera lens.


It’s true that this change isn’t a huge one, but it’s still notable because it does away with the usually large camera plateau that we’re all too familiar with. It’s unlikely that it will affect the overall quality of the images the cameras take, however. It simply means that each camera lens is its own thing and not part of a larger hump that case makers have to contend with.

As for the veracity of these leaks, they do seem to be legit based on a couple of factors. First off, Ice Universe has a strong track history with these things. Second, the cases shared here do resemble similar official Samsung cases sold for the outgoing Galaxy S22.

Either way, we should know for sure in early 2023 when Samsung unveils its new lineup.

Writing by Oliver Haslam. Editing by Rik Henderson.

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