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Saturday Surfing, August 12, 2023!

Have a blushing Saturday!

Happy Saturday, beautiful friend. Well, I gotta pat myself on the back because I made a pact with myself on Monday to put on a little makeup every day, and I actually did it!

It was a small self-care act that did me some good, and in the process, I was reminded by my pan of Laura Mercier Chai blush just how lovely it is to wear some color on your cheeks.

Chai, by the way is a powder blush, but I’ve been turning it into a cream blush with a very simple tweak!

I run a blush brush across the pan, and then mix the blush powder on the back of my hand with MAC Strobe Cream to create a cream blush.

Try it sometime with your favorite blush and liquid highlighter, and let me know how it goes!

This weekend is the first weekend I’ve had since June when I haven’t felt like there was something urgent on the horizon to tend to. I mean, I do have a few items left over from camping last weekend to put away; seriously, why does that last camping trip of the summer take so much out of me?

Other than organizing Connor’s items for the new school year, which I ordered last month to avoid doing back-to-school stuff last minute, I don’t really have a lot to tend to today. The thought of a Saturday that’s open to possibility is making me almost short circuit. What even is free time? LOL!

What are you up to this weekend? I hope you’re enjoying the last bit of summer.

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Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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