Shou Sugi Ban Raised Beds: Burn Wood Beds For Rot Resistance

Japan is one of those countries with centuries of culture that still cling to modern-day life. They have a practice called Shou sugi ban or Yakisugi, a non-toxic method of preserving wood. Shou sugi ban means “burnt cedar board” although several other types of wood may be used. This method of charring wood for raised beds provides a durable, long-lasting structure without adding chemicals. Shou sugi ban raised beds are attractive and provide an organic housing for all your fruits and vegetables.

What Is Shou Sugi Ban?

Shou sugi ban appears to date back to the Edo period in Japan. There are surviving structures in Japan that are centuries old and feature this wood preservation method. In the process, the wood is charred and oiled. The resulting material is resistant to pests, rot, and fire. It has an alligator skin texture and a deeply black color. In traditional preparation, 3 boards were tied into a chimney of sorts and fire was allowed to travel up the chimney, charring the wood.

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